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The aim of this group is to develop an understanding of the molecular basis of neoplastic and inflammatory gastrointestinal disease and use this to improve patient care




Research issues

Gastrointestinal disease is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the Western population. Our focus is mainly on the lower gastrointestinal tract (i.e. colon and rectum) and, at this site, the major diseases are neoplastic disease (colorectal cancer) and inflammatory bowel disease. In both of these diseases there is a need to improve our understanding of how these diseases develop and to identify the key molecular players. This knowledge will allow novel targeted treatments can be developed and diagnostic tests to be improved.

What we are doing with...

Colorectal Cancer and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

We as using a gene-driven approach to investigate both neoplastic and inflammatory diseases. Genes which have been identified as being abnormally regulated or mutated in colorectal cancer or inflammatory bowel disease are cloned and their functions evaluated using in-vitro.

The expression / mutational status of these genes is also being tested in human tissues and interactions between genes are also being interrogated. We are collaborating with other groups to investigate the modulation of these gene targets using small molecule inhibitors.

We are also collaborating with computer scientists to develop the use of computational image analysis to facilitate diagnosis.

Current projects

  • Investigating the role of Cten in the development of colorectal cancer
  • Investigating the role of CD24 in the development of colorectal cancer
  • Investigating the interaction of 20q amplification with Kras mutation in colorectal cancer
  • Investigating the role of DAMPS on epithelial cell function
  • Development of an in-vitro model of the human colon


Our resarch is published in leading peer-reviewed journals. See our group members' profiles to see publication details.

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