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Somaia Elsheikh

Consultant Dermatopathology and Honorary Associate Professor,



Dr Elsheikh graduated from School of Medicine, Menoufyia University, Egypt in 1997 (MB BCh) (Hons). She started her Histopathology career in 2000 and completed a master degree in molecular pathology. Dr Elsheikh obtained her Doctoral of Philosophy (PhD) for studies investigating novel biomarkers in breast cancer from University of Nottingham under the supervisor of Professor Ian Ellis. She joined the Histopathology training programme in 2009 and completed her training in three tertiary University Hospitals in Edinburgh, Leeds and Nottingham. Dr Elsheikh appointed as a consultant Dermatopathologist in 2015 when she started working on translational research in melanoma to establish "Nottingham Melanoma Research group". Nottingham Melanoma Research group is a tissue-based, translational research group focusing on identifying risk stratifying and treatment response predictors for melanoma patients using melanoma tissue and histology imaging. Nottingham Melanoma Research group has one of the largest well-characterised annotated malignant melanoma tissue microarray (TMA) in the UK with detailed clinical, pathological, survival and treatment response database (Nottingham melanoma database).

Dr Elsheikh has established collaborations with a large number of melanoma interested research groups in the UK and abroad. She is PI and Co-PI for a number of melanoma and skin cancer related research projects.

Dr Elsheikh has been the principle supervisor of many University of Nottingham funded research projects for PhD, MD, MSc and BMedSci research students. She is currently the training programme director (TPD) for the Histopathology training of the East midland north region (Health Education England).

Expertise Summary


Molecular Pathology

Melanoma and skin cancer research

Digital Pathology

Postgraduate Dermatopathology teaching

Teaching Summary

Honorary associate professor- School of Medicine, University of Nottingham.

Guest lecturer - School of Medicine, University of Nottingham.

Visiting Lecturer- School of Medicine, Menoufyia University, Egypt

Postgraduate Medical Education

Training programme director (TPD) East Midland (North).

Educational supervisor, Nottingham University Hospital.

Postgraduate Dermatopathology teaching

Research Summary

Current students

  1. Shaimaa Lashin (MD). CD200 and LRIG1 expression in Basal cell carcinoma.
  2. Devisha Patel: HP1BP3 Expression as a Prognostic Marker in Primary Melanoma.
  3. Jyot Vira: Immunological cluster of Primary and Metastatic Malignant Melanoma and their relation to patient survival & response to immune-therapy.
  4. Muhammad Onn: The use of bioinformatics in identifying prognostic groups in malignant melanoma.
  5. Bledar Tafliku: OX40 expression in melanoma and its relation to other immune checkpoints
  6. Wenchao Xu; Detection of BRAF V600E Mutation in Melanoma- Comparison between Immunohistochemistry and Three Gene Mutation Detection Methods
  7. Nekmee Gunasekera; Bioinformatic Analysis of Histopathological Variables for Prognostic Stratification of Melanoma. (The best project of the year award, 2019).

Recent Publications

  • SHARMA, A., VEITCH, D., ELSHEIKH, S., BAMFORD, M., MCKENNA, D. J. and VARMA, S., 2019. Intravascular basal cell carcinoma: what to do next? (vol 43, pg 934, 2018) CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL DERMATOLOGY. 44(7), 836-836
  • FITCHFORD, L. C. K. and ELSHEIKH, S., 2019. Detection of the BRAF V600E Mutation in Primary and Metastatic Malignant Melanoma: An Evaluation of the Immunohistochemical Approach JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY. 249, S51-S51
  • PATEL, D., TOSS, M. SHAWKY, SHAMS-NATERI, A. and ELSHEIKH, S., 2019. HP1BP3 Expression and its Significance as a Prognostic Marker in Human Primary and Metastatic Malignant Melanoma JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY. 249, S51-S51
  • RAKHA, EMAD, BECA, FRANCISCO, D'ANDREA, MARIANGELA, ABBAS, AREEG, PETROU-NUNN, WILLIAM, SHAABAN, ABEER M., KANDIYIL, ANEESHYA, SMITH, SAMANTHA, MENON, SINDHU, ELSHEIKH, SOMAIA, ELSAYED, MAYSA E., LEE, ANDREW H. S. and SHARMA, NISHA, 2019. Outcome of radial scar/complex sclerosing lesion associated with epithelial proliferations with atypia diagnosed on breast core biopsy: results from a multicentric UK-based study JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PATHOLOGY. 72(12), 800-804

Professor Poulam Patel (University of Nottingham)

Professor Mohammed Ilyas (University of Nottingham)

Professor Emad Rakha (University of Nottingham)

Professor Ian Ellis (University of Nottingham)

Dr Andrew Jackson (University of Nottingham)

Professor Nigel Mongan (University of Nottingham)

Professor Ioan Notingher (University of Nottingham)

Dr Gerald Saldanha (University of Leicester)

Professor Graham Ball (Nottingham Trent University)

Professor Mohamed El-Tanani (University of Bradford)

Professor Banafshe Larijani (University Of Bath)

Professor Gareth Thomas

Past Research

Previous students

  1. Alexander Wignall: The use of PDL1 and PD1 as Prognostic Markers and Response Predictors to Immune Checkpoint Protein Antibodies in Malignant Melanoma (first class with distinction).
  2. Abigail Amoah; Immune checkpoint inhibitors in triple negative breast cancer.
  3. Marc Dodd; Expression of B7-H3 and B7-H4 in malignant melanoma and their role as inflammatory microenvironment regulators.
  4. Segal Mahmoud; Expression of CTLA-4, LAG-3 and TIM-3 in malignant melanoma.
  5. Catherine Fielden; RAN expression in malignant melanoma.
  6. Daniel Astley; Immunohistochemistry expression of BRAF In malignant melanoma.
  7. Ilias Kouzoukakis; RAN expression in Melanoma cell line and its role in tumour pathogenesis. (The best project of the year award 2017)
  8. Alice Fair; The Role of CD24 in malignant melanoma.
  9. Laura Buchanan: PDL1 expression in primary malignant melanoma.
  10. Mollie Hart; PDL1 expression in Metastatic Malignant melanoma.
  11. Patricia Namubiru: Regression in malignant melanoma and its relation to patient survival (The best project of the year award 2018).
  12. Mohammad Faizan: Expression of B7-H3 in Malignant Melanoma and Its Effects on Survival.
  13. Lucy Fitchford: BRAF expression in melanoma using IHC (Best Poster Prize, Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland, 2019) .
  14. Alanna Morris: Project (LAG3 expression in cutaneous malignant melanoma).
  15. Wei Sim; (Expression of PD1 in Cutaneous Malignant melanoma and its prognostic significance).

Future Research

Digital Image analysis of melanocytic lesion and developmet of prognostic and predictive morphological features in Melaoma using deep machine learning.

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