Magnetics Testing Facility

The PEMCentre is home to a cutting-edge magnetic testing facility, that can be utilised by industry.  

High Power Amplifier - grey upright machine, with screens and wires

Developed Test Set-up Capabilities

  • Amplifier Power capacity
    1.100 V, 52 A, 20 kHz
    2.50 V, 10 A, 100 kHz
  • Operating temperature
    1.Soft Magnetic: -40oC to 180oC
    2.Hard Magnetic: -40oC to 300oC
  • Operating stress
    1.Soft Magnetic: 0 to 2kN (C/T)
    2.Hard Magnetic: 0 to 1kN (C)
  • Excitation waveforms
    1.Sine: PWM/Harmonic
    2.DC: Custom


The Importance of Characterisation

The thematic relevance of characterisation techniques for magnetic testing are:

 Electrical Machine Characterisation testing themes

 Performance testing themes for Magnetic Testing Facility -

To find out more about Magnetic Testing Capabilities at PEMC, and to find out how PEMC can support your company activities, please contact the team via the Contact Form

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