Power Electronics and Machines Centre

PEMC Group Members

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The PEMC Research Group is one of the largest in its field, comprising 20 academics (including 9 Professors), 40 Research Fellows, 60 PhD students, and 2 dedicated Project Managers. 

PEMC academics are members of key, strategic councils, such as the Executive Council of the European Power Electronics Association, Institute of Engineering and Technology, are a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair. PEMC Group members are also active Chairs, Keynote Speakers and participants at international conferences, and reviewers and editors of high-impact journals.

PEMC manages a research portfolio of circa £25m, funded by HEFCE-RPIF, industrial partners, EU, and the University. Strong collaborative relationships have been developed over many years with valued industrial partners, leading to the delivery of successful projects across the fields of aerospace, sustainability, electricfication, and motor development.





Power Electronics and Machines Centre

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