Raw Feeding for Dogs in the UK and Australia

Privacy Information for Research Participants

For information about the university’s obligations with respect to your data, who you can get in touch with and your rights as a data subject, please visit our privacy policy.

Why we collect your personal data

We collect personal data under the terms of the university’s Royal Charter in our capacity as a teaching and research body to advance education and learning. Specific purposes for data collection on this occasion are for Ms Ciecierska-Holmes PhD study on raw feeding for dogs.

Legal basis for processing your personal data under GDPR

The legal basis for processing your personal data on this occasion is Article 6(1a) consent of the data subject.

How long we keep your data

The university may store your identifiable research data for a minimum period of seven years after the research project finishes. The researchers who gathered or processed the data may also store the data indefinitely and reuse it in future research. Measures to safeguard your stored data include a pseudonymisation procedure for both yours and your dog’s names.

Who we share your data with

Extracts of your data may be disclosed in published works that are posted online for use by the scientific community. Your data may also be stored indefinitely on external data repositories (eg the UK Data Archive) and be further processed for archiving purposes in the public interest, or for historical, scientific or statistical purposes. It may also move with the researcher who collected your data to another institution in the future.


Raw Feeding for Dogs in the UK and Australia: A Social and Ethical Cross-Cultural Comparison

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