Research Centre for the Study of Parties and Democracy

REPRESENT Mini-Workshop on Works in Progress

D13 Monica Partridge building, University Park
Thursday 10th November 2022 (10:00-16:00)

This workshop invites academic and postgraduate researchers connected with the Centre to share and receive their ongoing work in concentrated session.

The substantive and methodological focus of proposed works is open. However, works will relate to at least one of REPRESENT’s three key areas of interest, broadly defined: populism, participation, and democracy support. The workshop will feature contributions on a range of topics from incumbency advantage to political finance, government accountability, gender and representation, populism, and democratic backsliding. Geographic foci include works on Latin America, Australia, Turkey, Belarus, and the UK. The workshop features work from Gulshan Khan, Max-Valentin Robert, Carole Spary, Ruta Skriptaite, Manuel Hernandez-Gonzalez, Kevin Fahey, and William Horncastle.

Workshop registration is free and lunch will be provided. Participation is open to additional participants from network members, as well as PGT students, postgraduate researchers, and staff from the Universities of Nottingham and Birmingham. However, please note that there is an expectation that all participants attend the full workshop and read all papers that are being presented. To register, please email

Research Centre for the Study of Parties and Democracy

University of Nottingham
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