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Nottingham research on asthma therapy published in New England Journal of Medicine


Four Fold Asthma Study

Congratulations to Dr Tricia McKeever (Division of Epidemiology and Public Health), Professor Tim Harrison (Division of Respiratory Medicine) and colleagues from Nottingham CTU on their New England Journal of Medicine paper: Quadrupling Inhaled Glucocorticoid Dose to Abort Asthma Exacerbations, a fantastic achievement.

This paper has been long-awaited by the clinical community, particularly in general practice, and has demonstrated that quadrupling of inhaled corticosteroid therapy in patients with deteriorating asthma can reduce serious exacerbations of asthma.

The research was funded by a grant from the NIHR under the  Health Technology Assessment Programme and entitled The Four Fold Asthma (FAST), conducted in collaboration with the  Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit.



Posted on Tuesday 6th March 2018

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