Respiratory Research
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Adejumo, Ireti0115 823 1935Clinical Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Alqarni, Abdullahn/aPhD Student (Respiratory Medicine)Envelope Icon


Barlow, Michael0115 82 31470Experimental researcher in hyperpolarised species and MRIEnvelope Icon
Bolton, Charlotte0115 823 1677Professor of Respiratory MedicineEnvelope Icon
Britton, John0115 823 1708Professor of Epidemiology; Director, UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol StudiesEnvelope Icon


Camara, Miguel0115 9515036Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Co-Director of the National Biofilm Innovations CentreEnvelope Icon
Clements, Debbie0115 82 31167Postdoctoral Research AssociateEnvelope Icon
Clifford, Rachel01158231653Senior Research FellowEnvelope Icon


Fogarty, Andrew0115 823 1715Clinical Associate Professor & Reader in Clinical EpidemiologyEnvelope Icon


Ghaemmaghami, Amir01158230730Professor of Immunology & Immuno-bioengineeringEnvelope Icon
Glover, Mark0115 9249924MRC Clinician ScientistEnvelope Icon
Goodwin, Amandan/aClinical Research FellowEnvelope Icon


Hall, Ian0115 823 1064Professor of Molecular MedicineEnvelope Icon
Harrison, Tim0115 823 1714Professor and Honorary ConsultantEnvelope Icon
Hubbard, Richard0115 823 1710GSK/British Lung Foundation Professor of Respiratory EpidemiologyEnvelope Icon


Jenkins, Alex01158 231406Respiratory Research OfficerEnvelope Icon
Jenkins, Gisli0115 823 1711Professor of Experimental MedicineEnvelope Icon
John, Alison0115 8231106Senior Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Johnson, Simon0115 823 1063Professor of Respiratory Medicine; Head of Division of Respiratory MedicineEnvelope Icon


Knox, Alan0115 823 1713Professor of Respiratory MedicineEnvelope Icon


Leonardi-Bee, Jo0115 823 1388ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Lewis, Sarah0115 823 1387Research and teachingEnvelope Icon
Liu, Bo0115 82 31167ElectrophysiologistEnvelope Icon


Meersmann, Thomas951 4741Professor of Translational ImagingEnvelope Icon
Miller, Suzanne01158231071Senior Research FellowEnvelope Icon


Naylor, Helen0115 82 31063Divisional AdministratorEnvelope Icon


Oborne, Janet0115 82 31720Research FellowEnvelope Icon
O'Dowd, Emma01158231717Clinical Research FellowDisabled Envelope Icon


Pang, Linhua0115 823 1716Professor of Molecular MedicineEnvelope Icon
Pavlovskaya, Galina0115 951 4741Assistant Professor, Translational ImagingEnvelope Icon
Pick, Harry01159691169 ext. 54030Clinical Research Fellow and Respiratory RegistrarEnvelope Icon
Portelli, Michael0115 82 31067Research FellowEnvelope Icon


Rose, Felicity0115 8467856Professor of Biomaterials and Tissue EngineeringEnvelope Icon


Safavi, Shahideh01158910780Clinical Assistant ProfessorEnvelope Icon
Sayers, Ian0115 823 1066Professor of Respiratory Molecular GeneticsEnvelope Icon
Shaw, Dominick0115 823 1719Professor and Honorary ConsultantEnvelope Icon
Smyth, Alan0115 823 0612Professor of Child HealthEnvelope Icon
Stewart, Iain0115 82 31712Assistant Professor, Medical StatisticsEnvelope Icon


Tatler, Amanda01158231683Joan Bending, Evelyn Bending, Mervyn Stephens + Olive Stephens Memorial Fellow and Senior Research FellowEnvelope Icon
Thakker, Dhruma01158231070Research technician in Respiratory MedicineEnvelope Icon


Williams, Paul0115 9515047Professor of Molecular MicrobiologyEnvelope Icon

Division of Respiratory Medicine, The School of Medicine

The University of Nottingham
Clinical Sciences Building
Nottingham City Hospital
Hucknall Road
Nottingham, NG7 2UH

telephone: +44 (0) 115 82 31317