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Lymphoedema and chronic oedema

More than 140m people worldwide are affected by chronic oedema: fluid in the tissue that causes swelling and changes to the skin. It’s a complex condition whose true prevalence, causes, types and impact are poorly described and understood.   

In developing countries the predominant cause in endemic areas is the parasitic disease filariasis, spread by mosquitos. In Western populations there are many diverse and converging causes, including cancer and its treatment, chronic venous disease, immobility, vascular disease and systemic illnesses, such as heart failure. 

Researchers at the Skin Integrity Research Centre are leading a number of international epidemiology and clinical research projects to develop a better understanding of oedema and lymphoedema and drive improvements in care.

Research that makes an impact

LIMPRINT: Global improvements in chronic oedema care

The first major study of its kind to characterise the problem of chronic oedema internationally. 

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Meet our researchers

Professor Isabelle Quere

Isabelle is a Visiting Chair and Professor of Vascular Medicine at the University of Montpellier School of Medicine. She has been involved in venous thromboembolic research for more than 20 years. 

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