Nottingham Stroke Network

Stroke Research Strategy Committee 

The role of the committee is to co-ordinate stroke research in Nottingham.

Members of the committee include senior and active researchers in stroke research within the Nottingham geographical area, representing colleagues and divisions/departments within the University of Nottingham, acute Trusts (University Hospital and City Hospital) and Community Trust.

List of members

  • Dr Nikola Sprigg, Division of Stroke
  • Professor Marion Walker, Division of Rehabilitation and Ageing
  • Professor Philip Bath, Division of Stroke
  • Professor Nadina Lincoln, School of Psychology
  • Dr Avril Drummond, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy
  • Mrs Dawn Good, Clinical Lead, Stroke Services
  • Louise Selwood, Community Stroke Team
  • Christopher Greensmith, Community Stroke Team
  • Dr Robert Dineen, Radiological and Imaging Sciences
  • Wendy Walker, Older People Nursing and Clinical Sciences
  • Dr Wayne Sunman, Consultant Stroke Physician




The Nottingham Stroke Research Strategy Committee was founded in April 1998 by Professor Philip Bath. Professor Marion Walker was Chair from 2002 until 2011. Dr Nikola Sprigg is the current Chair.




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