Nottingham Stroke Network

Why we are researching stroke

Stroke is common, devastating and life changing. Approximately 110,000 people in England have a first or recurrent stroke each year, and a staggering 25% of strokes occur in those under the age of 65.

Although most people survive, stroke is the single largest cause of disability in a community setting, with survivors frequently struggling with mobility, speech, depression, cognitive problems, and activities of daily living such as domestic tasks and dressing. 



Nottingham Stroke Network represents a network of researchers and clinicians from the University of Nottingham and the Nottingham University Hospitals Trust dedicated to reducing the impact of stroke.




Looking at the pathophysiology, acute treatment, neuro-repair and prevention of stroke through clinical trials, meta-analysis, and laboratory sciences.

Stroke Rehabilitation


Lessening the impact of disability on everyday life and enabling individuals to reach their fullest potential.

NHS Stroke Service


Delivering specialised care to adults of all ages with stroke.




Developing and using advanced imaging for individualised therapy to improve stroke recovery.

Patient Partnership


Understanding the actual impact caused by stroke through patient partnership.

Strategy Committee


Co-ordinating stroke research in Nottingham since 1998.




Nottingham Stroke Network

The University of Nottingham

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