Sustainable Process Technologies Research Group

Techno-economic and Life Cycle Analysis

Techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment aim to evaluate the potential financial and environmental performance of emerging process technologies.

This requires a life cycle perspective:

  • Evaluating the availability, cost, and sustainability of feedstocks;
  • Screening alternative technologies for the manufacture of useful products and intermediates;
  • Identifying potential product and co-product markets.
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 These tools are applied across the technology readiness spectrum, from supporting laboratory scale research by identifying market opportunities and development targets for exciting, new technologies; through to working with companies to better understand the life cycle environmental impacts of their established products and activities and screening future opportunities for improvement.

Our applications are focused on converting wastes – food waste, plastics, agricultural/forestry residues – to valuable products, thereby contributing to the development of a future low carbon, renewable, and circular economy.


Municipal solid waste conversion to biofuels

Carbon fibre circular economy

Continuous bioproduction of commodity fuels and chemicals


Solid biomass fuels from wastes 

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