Sustainable Process Technologies Research Group


We have state-of-the-art laboratories  and facilities providing a truly multi-disciplinary environment, bringing together synthetic biology, biomanufacturing, biocatalysis, chemical technologies, computational biology and analytic science expertise.


 Bioscience Laboratory

Fully equipped for microbial and enzyme engineering including anaerobic growth cabinets, Class II safety cabinets, shaking incubators, Beckman high performance centrifuge, Constant Systems cell disruptor and a molecular biology and cloning suite with gel electrophoresis equipment.

bioscience lab2

bioscience lab3

bioscience lab1


Fermentation suite

A fully equipped fermentation suite with six Eppendorf BioFlo 115 fermenter systems with vessels ranging 0.5-2L for batch, fed-batch and continuous culture modes, an Electrolab Fermac 360 system and a number of custom-built systems for bespoke fermentations.

fermentation suite1

fermentation suite2
fermentation suite3

Organic Chemistry Laboratory

A fully equipped organic chemistry labs comprising 5 fume cupboards, vacuum and Schlenk lines, rotary evaporators, freeze-dryers.

organic chemistry lab1

organic chemistry lab3

organic chemistry lab2

 Analytical suite

An analytical suite with 5 Agilent 1200 series HPLCs, Agilent GCMS, UV-vis spectrometers, UV-vis/fluorescence plate readers. Environmental engineering facilities for bio treatment of water and waste.

Analytical suite3

Analytical suite2
Analytical suite1


Sustainable Process Technologies Research Group

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