Go Ahead Remix

Room LG 140 Hallward Library, UP Campus
Friday 16th June 2023 (16:30-18:00)

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Go Ahead Remix 16 June 4.30pm

The University of Nottingham's Taiwan Studies Programme presents Go Ahead Remix, a documentary film set in Taiwan in March 2021.  The film addresses various scenes— from music, festivals, the pandemic,

Go Ahead Remix

Friday 16 June 4.30pm-6pm 

Room LG 140 Hallward Library , UP Campus

Directed by Charlotte Sawyer and produced by Chen-Yu Lin, Go Ahead Remix is a documentary film set in Taiwan in March 2021. The film addresses various scenes— from music, festivals, the pandemic, and politics in Taiwan. It captures the zeitgeist at Megaport Festival, one of the largest music festivals to take place globally during the pandemic in Kaohsiung. Backstage and on-stage, the film explores a unique collaboration between Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang, and heavy metal headlining act, Chthonic. Through interviewing and following the organizers, including Doris Yeh, the film portrays the hard work of organizing a mega festival. In the meantime, it follows the festival-goers to discover how their expressed national and musical identities led them to Megaport Festival every year. Go Ahead Remix was shortlisted for two AHRC Research in Film Awards in 2021, including the Best Doctoral or Early Career Film of the Year and the Inspiration Award.

About the Speaker

Chen-Yu is a Lecturer of MA Creative and Cultural Industries, School of Journalism, Media and Culture at Cardiff University, and a popular music researcher. Her research, writing, and teaching have centered on transnational consumption of popular music, music censorship, and the ways practices of creative industries influence people’s cultural and political experiences. She is also a documentary producer that often uses filmmaking as a research method. She has been shortlisted for AHRC Research in Film Awards (RIFA) for the following films— Chasing the China Wind: A Musical Journey (2016), George Harrison: The Story of the Beatles and Indian Musicians Performance Teaser (2017), and Go Ahead Remix! (2021).

This talk will be chaired and moderated by Dr. Chun-yi Lee, Director of Taiwan Studies Program, University of Nottingham 


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