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Underwater archaeological work at Nottingham has a focus on submerged settlements including the excavation of lake dwellings in Scotland as well as major projects investigating the ancient sunken city of Pavlopetri in Greece and surveying the 17th-century pirate town of Port Royal in Jamaica.



Current projects

Egadi: Digitally Recording an Ancient Submerged Naval Battlefield Project, Italy

A collaborative project between Jon Henderson (UARC, University of Nottingham), Sebastiano Tusa (Soprintendenza del Mare), Jeff Royal (RPM Nautical Foundation), Peter Campbell (University of Southampton).

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Field-testing cutting edge sonar technology to deliver commercial benefits to an offshore engineering company

This is a collaboration between Henderson and Nautilus Marine Group International (NMGI), a North American offshore engineering company.

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High Resolution Survey of Port Royal, Jamaica

A collaborative project between Jon Henderson (UARC, University of Nottingham), Dorrick Gray (the Jamaica National Heritage Trust), Matthew Johnson-Roberson, and Oscar Pizarro.

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Maritime cultural heritage and Ningbo Port, China

This aims to raise public awareness of the work of maritime archaeologists in China, whilst bringing together international research expertise and developing long term cooperation between the Chinese offshore industry, marine agencies and archaeology centres.

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Pavlopetri Underwater Archaeology Project, Greece

A collaborative project between UARC, University of Nottingham, the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, and the Hellenic Centre for Maritime Research. 

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Presence in the Past, Egypt

A collaborative project between Jon Henderson (UARC, University of Nottingham), Ain Shams (Ain Shams University), and Alexandria University.

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Rising from the Depths

The Rising from the Depths network is funded for four years, 2017-21, by the UK Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) through the Arts and Humanities Research Council Network Plus scheme. We have funded a selection of Innovation Projects across Kenyan, Tanzania, Madagascar and Mozambique that aim to utilise Marine Cultural Heritage (MCH) to deliver sustainable development.

Our aim is to identify how the tangible submerged and coastal MCH of the region, and its associated intangible aspects, can stimulate ethical, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the region. Through our funded projects, we hope to build social cohesion and reduce poverty in individual states, but also in enhance the value and impact of overseas aid in the maritime sector. 

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Past projects

Further details of UARC's projects can be viewed on each project page. Since the centre established in 2004 research projects have included:


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