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Lectures, conferences, workshops and public events


12 January - 'And what becomes of the turnips?' Archival investigations of extreme weather events in the UK public talk by Georgina Endfield and Lucy Veale to accompany the 'Weather Extremes' exhibition, Djagnogly theatre, Lakeside, Nottingham. Please book in advance.


16 December - 26 March 2017 - 'Weather Extremes: Making and Breaking Records in Nottinghamshire'. Free public exhibition at the Weston Gallery, Lakeside, Nottingham. Full details.

12-13 December - 'Weather and the great estate: "The all engrossing matter"' paper presentation at Past Matters AHRC Care for the Future ECR Conference, London, Lucy Veale and James Bowen.

30 August - 2 September - Paper on Future weather in session on 'Where next? Historical geographies of the future', RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London, Georgina Endfield and Lucy Veale.

6-8 July - Workshop on 'Historical climatology and the societal implications of extreme weather' at the RMetS/NCAS Conference 2016, High Impact Weather and Climate, University of Manchester, Georgina Endfield, Neil Macdonald, Sarah Davies and Lucy Veale. Contributions to sessions on 'High impact wind events without high winds' and 'Attribution of changes in extreme events', Lucy Veale. Full team poster presentations. 

15 June - "In consequence of the present distress for want of water": Archival investigations of the societal impact of historic droughts in the UK, seminar for the Centre for Floods, Communities and Resilience, University of the West of England, Lucy Veale.

6 June - Weather extremes in early modern England, Tudor and Stuart seminar, Institute for Historical Research, London, James Bowen and Lucy Veale.

27-29 May - Panel on 'Extreme weather history: Case studies from the UK and beyond', Royal Anthropological Institute Conference, Anthropology, Weather and Climate, British Museum, London. Call for papers PDF file icon. Including paper contributions from Marie-Jeanne Royer, '300 years of flood documentary data in the UK' and Simon Naylor and James Bowen, 'Extreme weather on the edge of the world: School log books and Hebridean life'. 

21 January - "Wondrous signs of wondrous times": cultural histories of extreme weather events in the UK, Department of Geography seminar series, University of Cambridge, Georgina Endfield.


23rd-27th November - Erasmus+ Staff Mobility visit to Utrecht University, Netherlands, James Bowen. Hosted by Professor Bas Van Bavel and the project team working on 'Coordinating for Life. Success and failure of Western European societies in coping with rural hazards and disasters, 1300-1800.' 

13th November - Invited talk to the North Staffordshire Historians Guild, James Bowen. Programme PDF file icon.

28th October - Invited workshop, Great British Weather: drought, flood, storm and tempest in the archive, Lucy Veale, 21st Practising Historical Geography Conference, University of Sussex.

10th October - Invited talk to the Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society, Weather extremes in Shropshire, James Bowen, Shirehall, Shrewsbury. Programme PDF file icon.

1st October - Invited presentation, Floods as Heritage: the Heritage Value of Floods workshop, Marie-Jeanne Royer, Limoges, France. Audio extracts available.

7-10th September - The impact of the extreme winter of 1963 on farming and the countryside of Britain, paper presentation and panel on 'The impact of extreme weather events on farming and the countryside with special reference to the twentieth century', James Bowen (with John Martin, DMU Leicester and David Stead, UCD, Ireland), Rural History 2015, the International Conference of the European Rural History Organisation (EURHO), Girona, Spain. More information.

1-4th September - Session on 'Curating environmental transformation: remembering, recording and memorialising environmental change' (full team); Tales of the unexpected: stories of extreme weather events, paper presentation (Georgina Endfield and Lucy Veale), RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2015, Exeter. More information

17-21st August - Quantifying documentary proxy records of past high wind events, poster presentation at the International Geographical Union 2015, Moscow, Russia, Marie-Jeanne Royer. More information.

5-10th July - Session on 'Cultural histories and memories of extreme weather events' (full team); Uprooted, blackened, burnt and diseased: exploring the historical geography of extreme weather and trees, paper presentation (Lucy Veale and Georgina Endfield); "Mighty seas sweep our coasts": the impacts of winter storms in the UK past and present, paper presentation (Sarah Davies); Floods and droughts: the Medical Officer for Health's perspective (Cerys Jones) and Reconstructing a flood chronology for the River Severn (James Bowen), paper presentations in session on 'Historical hydrology: Floods, droughts and ice floes' (Neil MacDonald, Cerys Jones and James Bowen); Spaces of experience and horizons of expectation: Extreme weather in the UK, past, present and future, poster presentation (full team), International Conference of Historical Geographers, London. More information

30th June - 3rd July - The gardener meteorologist: Reconstructing the rainfall series of Chatsworth House (1760-present), paper presentation at the European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) conference, Versailles, France, James Bowen and Neil McDonald.

7-10th April - 'A summer more unseasonable than any former one in my remembrance': Accounts of the summer of 1816 from the UK documentary record, paper presentation at the International Conference on Volcanoes, Climate and Society: Bicentenary of the great Tambora eruption, University of Bern, Switzerland, Lucy Veale.

4th March - 'I never remembered the weather so severe...', Exploring the impact of UK weather extremes, past, present and future, School of Geography seminar, University of Manchester, Sarah Davies.

19th February - Weather and society in eighteenth century England, Eighteenth Century Worlds Centre seminar, University of Liverpool, James Bowen and Neil MacDonald.

12th February - Extreme weather events, past, present and future, Met Office Academic Partnership (MOAP) Poster Session, Exeter, Marie-Jeanne Royer.

11th February - 'No church bells to be heard only the sound of the roaring of the water': Flood narratives in Central England from the 1800s to the present day, Department of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences seminar series, University of Hull, Georgina Endfield.

January and February - Mr Bulkeley o'r Brynddu performance and exhibition tour: Canolfan Ucheldre Centre (27th Jan), Neuadd Ogwen (29th Jan), Clwyd theatre (12th Feb), Sarah Davies and Cerys Jones.

16-17th January - Extreme weather in the UK: past, present and future, AHRC Care for the Future/LABEX Pasts in the Present joint workshop, Val d'Oise, France, Lucy Veale.


11th December - An earthquake or a landslide? Reverend John Fletcher's account of the Buildwas earthquake of 1773, University of Liverpool, James Bowen.

9th December - "By the bye is it summer? It is raining as hard as it can pour" Historical geographies and cultural memories of deluge, dearth and extraordinary weather in the UK, London Group of Historical Geographers seminar series, Georgina Endfield and Lucy Veale.

4th December - Tempestuous times: Exploring the historical geography of recording, understanding and responding to extreme weather events in the UK, c. 1650 to the present day, Society, Space and Culture seminar series, Queen's University Belfast, Lucy Veale.

15th November - Weather Worlds, Only Human? Elements and Atmospheres, Only Human festival, University of Glasgow, Simon Naylor. More information.

22nd October - Communicating climate change: A workshop for researchers, London, Marie-Jeanne Royer.

19th September - Mr Bulkeley o'r Brynddu performance for schools, Sarah Davies and Cerys Jones. More information.

17th September - Extreme weather, Llanilar Women's Institute talk, Cerys Jones.

8th May -  "I do not remember the weather so severe…’"a historical perspective on weather extremes in Wales, Climate Change Consortium of Wales public lecture series, Cerys Jones and Sarah Davies. More information and a live webcast.

16th April - Flood!: Extreme weather events in the UK, past, present and future, Nottingham Geospatial Institute seminar series, Lucy Veale.


28th November - Investigating historical weather extremes in Wales, Cardigan Castle Autumn Talks, Sarah Davies and Cerys Jones.


Weather Extremes

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