Weather Extremes

Case studies

A set of case study regions have been identified for our investigation of extreme weather in the UK. Our research will be concentrated on materials and events relating to these case study regions that together will form the first multi-regional climate history of the UK. There are rich and diverse archival collections available for each area yet these have yet to be investigated for climate history purposes. Exploring the implications of unusual weather events for communities and individuals in each of these regions and through time will provide insight into the way in which geographical context and changing socio-economic and political circumstance influences relative impacts and response.

Based on previous research and Defra’s 2012 Climate Change Risk Assessments (CCRAs), each area is one currently recognised to be vulnerable to climate change and extreme events.


  1. North, West and Southwest Wales
    Specifically isolated rural communities, small coastal communities, and upland farming areas at risk from flooding, drought and extreme winters.
  2. The East Anglia coast and Northwest Scotland
    Regions that have been identified as being at risk of flooding and storm events.
  3. Central England region
    Considered to be vulnerable to flooding, water scarcity and drought.
  4. Southwest England
    Projected to suffer most acutely from storm events, and flooding as well as heat waves


Flooded homes in Talybont, Wales, June 2012 (c) Henry Lamb Flooded homes in Talybont, Wales, June 2012 (c) Henry Lamb



Weather Extremes

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