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Eye Tests for DSE Users

Employers are required to put in place arrangements for providing eye tests for employees who are classed as DSE Users under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 2002.

DSE Users are those employees who operate display screen equipment "as a significant part of their normal work". This is usually interpreted as continuous intensive use for more than about an hour on most days of the week. The Code of Practice for Safe Use of Display Screen Equipment PDF format contains more extensive guidance on this aspect.

Only "users" are entitled to receive corrective appliances paid for by the University, and only if the appliance is required solely because of a user's work with display screen equipment. Therefore Heads of School/Department must set up an arrangement whereby only bona fide "users" apply for a test.

At present the costs of any appliances deemed necessary are being met centrally, but this is subject to review.

Please note that there is no evidence of damage to eyes being caused by using display screens, but "corrective appliances" may be needed to reduce temporary eye strain.

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