Health and Safety

Gas Concentration Calculators

The following electronic calculators have been formulated to enable the gas concentrations in the following situations to be calculated and therefore an assessment of risk to be carried out to ensure safe working practices.

  • Gases with Charged Pressure: Single Gas - Quantitative assessment for release of entire contents of compressed gas from cylinders - for oxygen depletion / toxicity in relation to WEL / flammability/explosive limits
  • Gases with Charged Pressure: Mixed Gases - Quantitative assessment for catastrophic release of compressed gas cylinders involving gas mixtures
  • Carbon Dioxide Cylinders - Method for calculating level of CO2 after release of entire contents of a cylinder to check if WEL exceeded
  • Cryogenic Gases - Method for calculating resultant oxygen concentration due to presence of Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Helium or Carbon-Dioxide.

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