Health and Safety

Hazardous Substances Waste

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste must be disposed of appropriately and therefore each School must consider the type of waste it creates and put the correct means of segregation in place. All workers need to be informed of the waste disposal procedures in order to minimise the risks to others by incorrect disposal, e.g. sharps being placed in black bin waste (this has caused accidents to domestic staff).

Separate Safety Office guidance is available for disposal of biological/clinical and radioactive wastes. This is to ensure appropriate methods used including suitable packaging, labelling and transport.

Any waste containing asbestos must be disposed of via the Estate Office

Environmental Issues

Hazardous waste, including chemical waste, is subject to environmental regulations concerning disposal. The University Environmental Manager, based within the Estate Office, can provide advice and guidance on waset disposal procedures and the Sustainability section of the Estates Office webiste has more detailed information.

Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 - this environmental legislation relates to the segregation, classification and consignment of hazardous waste, including chemical waste. University arrangements and information are described in a document on the Environmental Website (Estate Office - contact the Environment Manager). General information on the environmental aspects of waste disposal can also be found on this website. [N.B the SIC code for the University, which is required for consignment documents, is 80.30/2].

Hazardous Waste Collection/Emergency Clean-Up

Schools/departments involved in the generation of hazardous waste e.g. oils, solvent, lab chemicals etc should make arrangements with one of the following waste carrier companies that are approved by the University and on Agresso.

Mid Counties Waste Management Services

Contact: 01283 533686


Haz Environmental

Contact: 0121 5803055


Biffa Waste

Contact: 07977 268554 (Nick Holmes currently)


Labwaste Ltd

Contact: 01455 616673


The above carriers make regular collections from various sites across the main campuses. They will also provide consignment notes and, if required, will compile inventories and complete paperwork. Both companies will provide emergency clean up and disposal response in the event of spillage or unexpected release.


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