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Work At Height

The Work at Height Regulations apply to all work at height where there is a risk of falling that is liable to cause personal injury. There is no minimum height at which they apply as the risk is related to what the person could fall onto as well as the height of the fall. The regulations also concern protection of persons from being struck by falling objects or persons.


Work at height must be properly planned and organised, and take into account weather conditions that could endanger a person's health and safety. A risk assessment must be carried out.

Access Equipment Selection

The safest and most appropriate work equipment must be used for the task. A ladder may only be used for work at height where the risk assessment demonstrates that the use of more suitable work equipment is not justified because of the low risk and short duration or there are existing features on work area that cannot be altered. 


All persons involved in working at height should be trained and competent. 

Control measures to prevent falls

(such as guard rails and working platforms) must be chosen before other measures which may only mitigate the distance and consequences of a fall (such as nets or airbags) or which may only provide personal protection from a fall.

Access equipment maintenance

Access equipment and associated safety equipment must be on a local inventory and must be routinely inspected. The equipment will usually be colour coded to indicate that it is "in-date". 

Hired Access Equipment

Any equipment used for work at height that is obtained from another organisation or company must be covered by an inspection certificate. Similarly such equipment if transferred from the University to another organisation must be accompanied by a current inspection report.


Safe access to and working on roofs must be carefully assessed and a permit issued where there is a risk of injury. Please refer to the University guidance on Safe Working on Roofs PDF format. Where work on fragile surfaces is unavoidable this must be properly controlled.


Access equipment should not be loaned out to or borrowed from contractors.

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