Health and Safety

Work Environment

To have a healthy working environment, the University aims to ensure:

    • Good ventilation – a supply of fresh, clean air drawn from outside or a ventilation system
    • A reasonable working temperature (usually at least 16°C, or 13°C for strenuous work, unless other laws require lower temperatures)
    • Lighting suitable for the work being carried out;
    • Enough room space and suitable workstations and seating
    • A clean workplace with appropriate waste containers

For staff well-being, the University provides:

    • Toilets and hand basins, with soap and towels or a hand-dryer
    • Drinking water
    • A place to store clothing (and somewhere to change if special clothing is worn for work)
    • Somewhere to rest and eat meals

Issues with the above should be raised with the Estates Helpdesk via the Works Request system. Further information may be sought from the Safety Office.

Monitoring of Indoor Work Environment

The Safety Office is able to offer the following monitoring for indoor work areas:

    • Lighting levels
    • Noise survey
    • Temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • Carbon dioxide (can give indication of ventilation)

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