Sustainable Chemicals Innovations Enabling Net Carbon Emissions (SCIENCE): A Lubrizol, Nottingham, and Warwick EPSRC Prosperity Partnership

Lubrizol is partnering up with the University of Nottingham and the University of Warwick to tackle a distinct series of business-led research challenges including designing Smarter Molecules, using Better Chemistries and Energy Resilient Processes, that ultimately reduce the amount of chemicals, solvents and processing steps needed to manufacture complex molecules and polymers. This is all possible thanks to the EPSRC Prosperity Partnership.

"This exciting 5-year programme recognises the long standing relationships between Lubrizol and our Universities and will help drive cleaner economic re-growth in the Midlands region. The new science that this partnership will create will enable smarter processes to reduce the carbon footprint of Lubrizol products.”

Professor Peter Licence

Director, Sustainable Chemicals Innovations Enabling Net Carbon Emissions


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