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May 2003 

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Book Reviews

African Cinemas: Decolonizing the Gaze by Olivier Barlet
A review by Martin Stollery

An Argentine Passion: Maria Luisa Bemberg and her Films edited by John King, Sheila Whitaker and Rosa Bosch
A review by Bernard McGuirk

The Anatomy of Film (Third Edition) by Bernard F. Dick
A review by Bob Rehak

Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke: Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation by Susan J. Napier
A review by Jay McRoy

The Bare Facts Video Guide by Craig Hosoda
A review by Rebecca D. Feasey

Blockbuster TV: Must-See Sitcoms in the Network Era by Janet Staiger
A review by Brett Mills

Britain and the American Cinema by Tom Ryall
A review by Sarah Street

Celluloid Indians by Jacqueline Kilpatrick
A review by Ragan Rhyne

Close Up: Iranian Cinema Past, Present and Future by Hamid Dabashi
A review by Lina Khatib

The Cognitive Semiotics of Film by Warren Buckland
A review by Tico Romao

The Documentary Film Movement: An Anthology edited by Ian Aitken
A review by John W. Campbell

Fan Cultures by Matt Hills
A Review by Lincoln Geraghty

Film Music: Critical Approaches edited by K. J. Donnelly
A review by Annette Davison

Hearing Film: Tracking Identifications in Contemporary Hollywood Film Music by Anahid Kassabian
A Review by David Sanjek

Hollywood Spectatorship: Changing Perceptions of Cinema Audiences edited by Melvyn Stokes and Richard Maltby
A review by Stephen Harper

How to Read a Film: The World of Movies, Media, and Multimedia: language, History, Theory (Third edition) by James Monaco
A review by Stacy Gillis

Impossible Bodies: Femininity and Masculinity at the Movies by Chris Holmlund
A review by Rebecca Janicker

Korean Broadcasting Institute Report 2001 by Korean Broadcasting Institute
A review by Jeongmee Kim

Keyframes: Popular Cinema and Cultural Studies edited by Matthew Tinkcom and Amy Villarejo
A review by David Inglis

The Movies as History: Visions of the Twentieth Century edited by David W. Ellwood
A review by Lincoln Geraghty

New Documentary: A Critical Introduction by Stella Bruzzi
A review by Heather Nunn

New Patterns in Global Television: Peripheral Vision edited by John Sinclair, Elizabeth Jacka & Stuart Cunningham
A review by Ragan Rhyne

The Oxford Companion to Australian Film edited by Brian McFarlane, Geodd Mayer & Ina Bertrand
A review by Julia Hammett-Jamart

Picturing Culture: Explorations of Film and Anthropology by Jay Ruby
A review by David Murray

Political Film: The Dialectics of Third Cinema by Mike Wayne
A review by Martin Stollery

Post-War Cinema and Modernity: A Film Reader
edited by John Orr and Olga Taxidou
A review by Richard Armstrong

Reading Hollywood: Spaces and Meanings in American Film
by Deborah Thomas
A review by Sarah Heaton

Retrovisions: Reinventing the Past in Film and Fiction edited by Deborah Cartmell, I.Q. Hunter & Imedla Whelehan
A review by Lincoln Geraghty

Scriptwriting for the Screen by Charlie Moritz
A Poetics for Screenwriters by Lance Lee
A review by Cynthia Baron

A Skin for Dancing In: Possession, Witchcraft and Voodoo in Film by Tanya Krzywinska
A review by Brigid Cherry

Spectacular Narratives: Hollywood in the Age of the Blockbuster by Geoff King
A review by Marlon Kuzmick

Technology and the Logic of American Racism: A Cultural History of the Body as Evidence
by Sarah E. Chinn
A review by Richard H. King

Television: An International History edited by Anthony Smith and Richard Paterson
A review by Michael Curtin

Understanding Disney by Janet Wasko
A review by Paul Grainge

Writing for Radio by Vincent McInerney
A review by Martin Shingler

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Film Reviews

All film reviews

After the Rain (dir. Takashi Koizumi, 1999)
A review by Shulamit Almog 

Animal Farm (dir. John Stephenson, 1999)
A review by Chris Wiley

Bend it Like Beckham (dir. Gurinder Chadha, 2002) 
A review by Debnita Chakravarti

Gebürtig (dir. Lukas Stepanik and Robert Schindel, 2002) 
A review by Eva Kuttenberg

The Lawless Heart (dir. Tom Hunsinger and Neil Hunter, 2001) 
A review by Lisa Rull

Monsters Inc. (dir Peter Docter, David Silverman & Lee Unkrich, 2001) 
Ice Age (dir. Chris Wedge & Carlos Saldanha, 2002) 
A review by Rebecca Farley

Resident Evil (dir. Paul Anderson, 2002) 
A review by Bob Rehak

Storytelling (dir. Todd Solondz, 2001) 
A review by William DeGenaro

Sweet Sweetback's Baad Assss Song (dir. Melvin Van Peebles, 1971) 
A review by Dennis Chester

Company Man (dir. Peter Askin and Douglas McGrath, 2000) 
A review by Valerie Holliday

The Importance of Being Earnest (dir. Oliver Parker, 2002) 
A review by Irene Morra

Threads (BBC, 1984) 
A review by Paul Binnion

The 49th Sydney Film Festival (2002) 
A review by Maria San Filippo

Videodrome (dir David Cronenberg, 1983) 
A review by Polona Petek

Windtalkers (dir. John Woo, 2002) 
A review by Elizabeth Abele


Conference Reports

British Association for American Studies Annual Conferece — A report by Jude Davies

NEMLA's Thirty-Third Annual Convention — A report by Michelle E. Moore

Media in Transition 2: Globablization and Convergence — A report by Anita Biressi and Heather Nunn

Born to be Bad: Trash Cinema from the 1960s and 70s — A report by Dan Leopard

Society For Cinema and Media Studies Conference (2002) — A report by Mark Tjarks

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