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May 2004 

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Book Reviews

All book reviews

African American Viewers and the Black Situation Comedy: Situating Racial Humor by Robin R. Means-Coleman

An American Family: A Televised Life by Jeffrey Ruoff

A review by Gordon Alley-Young

Aristotle in Hollywood: The Anatomy of Successful Storytelling by Ari Hiltunen

A review by Christopher S. Morrissey

British Cinema and the Second World War by Robert Murphy

A review by Andrew Gaskievicz

British Social Realism: From Documentary to Brit Grit by Samantha Lay

A review by Ian Peddie

Buster Keaton: The Man Who Wouldn't Lie Down by Tom Dardis

A review by Cara McClintock-Walsh

Contemporary British and Irish Film Directors edited by Yoram Allon, Del Cullen and Hannah Patterson

A review by Sarah Neely

Directed by Allen Smithee edited by Jeremy Braddock and Stephen Hock

A review by Dan North

Experimental Cinema, The Film Reader edited by Wheeler Winston Dixon and Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

A review by Harry M. Benshoff

Fifty Contemporary Filmmakers edited by Yvonne Tasker

Contemporary North American Filmmakers: A Wallflower Critical Guide (Second Edition) edited by Yoram Allon, Del Cullen and Hannah Patterson

A review by Andrew Neal

Gay Fandom and Crossover Stardom: James Dean, Mel Gibson and Keanu Reeves by Michael De Angelis

The Girls in the Backroom: Looking at the Lesbian Bar by Kelly Hankin

A review by Kerry Gough

Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie by Tony Lee Moral

A review by Liza J. Palmer

Hollywood Comedians: The Film Reader edited by Frank Krutnik 

A review by Jodi Egerton

Hollywood Modernism: Film and Politics in the Age of the New Deal by Saverio Giovacchini

A review by Robert Keser

Identity Politics on the Israeli Screen by Yosefa Loshitzky

A review by Ranen Omer-Sherman

Kids' Media Culture edited by Marsha Kinder

A review by Stephen Groening

Lars von Trier by Jack Stevenson

A review by Alan Gibbs

Life Through a Lens: Memoirs of a Cinematographer by Osmond Borradaile with Anita Borradaile Hadley

The World in a Frame: What We See in Films by Leo Braudy 

Mise-en-Scène: Film Style and Interpretation by John Gibbs

A review by Kenneth Womack

Movie Blockbusters edited by Julian Stringer

A review by Rayna Denison

Only Entertainment: Second Edition by Richard Dyer

A review by Rebecca Feasey

Teleparody: Predicting/Preventing the TV Discourse of Tomorrow edited by Angela Hague and David Lavery

A review by Stephen Groening

Terence Fisher by Peter Hutchings

A review by Harry M. Benshoff

The Cinema of Ken Loach: Art in the Service of the People by Jacob Leigh

A review by Ian Peddie

The Divine Comic: The Cinema of Roberto Benigni (Scarecrow Filmmakers Series #85) by Carlo Celli

A review by Dean DeFino

The Fright of Real Tears: Krzysztof Kieslowski Between Theory and Post-Theory by Slavoj Žižek

A review by Patricia Allmer

Toward Cinema and Its Double: Cross-Cultural Mimesis by Laleen Jayamanne

A review by Olivia Khoo

Veni, Vidi, Video: The Hollywood Empire and the VCR by Frederick Wasser

A review by Jennifer Holt

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Film Reviews

All film reviews

Blackboards (Takhté siah) (dir. Samira Makhmalbaf, 2000)

A review by Brian Gibson

Catch Me If You Can (dir. Steven Spielberg, 2002)

A review by Ross Thompson

Down With Love (dir. Peyton Reed, 2003)

Far From Heaven (dir. Todd Haynes, 2002)

A review by Sunny Stalter

Drôle de Félix (dir. Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau, 2000)

A review by Florian Grandena

From Hell (dir. Albert and Allen Hughes, 2001)

A review by Diane R. Wiener

The Good Thief (dir. Neil Jordan, 2002)

A review by Carole Zucker

The Grey Zone (dir. Tim Blake Nelson, 2001)

A review by Jessica Lang

Hero (Ying xiong) (dir. Zhang Yimou, 2003)

A review by Teo Kia Choong

Russian Ark (dir. Aleksandr Sokurov, 2002)

A review by Elizabeth Rosen

Secretary (dir. Steven Shainberg, 2002)

A review by Natalie Wilson Clift

S1m0ne (dir. Andrew Niccol, 2002)

A review by Bob Rehak

Talk to Her (Hable con ella) (dir. Pedro Almodóvar, 2002)

A review by Reni Celeste

The Wicker Man (dir. Robin Hardy, 1973)

A review by Paul Binnion


Conference Reports

The Changing Faces of Television — A report by Kate Coyer

Dreaming Someone Else’s Dream: Traversing the Spaces of the 13th Annual Screen Studies Conference — A report by Michael S. Duffy

Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) Conference (2003) — A report by Benjamin McCann

New Myths?: Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror — A report by Lincoln Geraghty

The Twenty-Fourth Annual International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts — A report by Jeffrey S. Smith

American Cinema and Everyday Life, Commonwealth Fund Conference — A report by Rebecca Feasey

Animated "Worlds" — A report by Aylish Wood

Multimedia Histories Conference — A report by Mark Fremaux

Speculating Histories: Remembering Yesterday, Experiencing Today, Predicting Tomorrow — A report by Rebecca Janicker

Widescreen Cinema Conference— A report by Paul McDonald

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