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Issue 3 — November 2005 

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Book Reviews

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Production Design: Architects of the Screen by Jane Barnwell

Visions of the Apocalypse: Spectacles of Destruction in American Cinema by Wheeler Winston Dixon

A review by Kevin Hunt

Contemporary World Television edited by John Sinclair and Graeme Turner

The Television History Book edited by Michele Hilmes

A review by Dan Leopard

Photography on the Color Line: W.E.B. Du Bois, Race, and Visual Culture by Shawn Michelle Smith

A review by David A Gerstner

Generation Multiplex: The Image of Youth in Contemporary American Cinema by Timothy Shary

A review by Geoff Lealand

Cultural Sutures: Medicine and Media edited by Lester D. Friedman

A review by Frances Pheasant-Kelly

The Audience Studies Reader edited by Will Brooker and Deborah Jermyn

A review by Kerry Gough

Screen Traffic: Movies, Multiplexes, and Global Culture by Charles R. Acland

SuburbiaNation: Reading Suburban Landscape in Twentieth-Century American Fiction and Film by Robert Beuka

A review by Sarah Heaton

Simone Signoret. The Star as Cultural Sign by Susan Hayward

The French Cinema Book edited by Michael Temple and Michael Witt

A review by Cristina Johnston

Coming Attractions: Reading American Movie Trailers by Lisa Kernan

A review by Deborah Allison

Underground U.S.A: Filmmaking Beyond the Hollywood Canon edited by Xavier Mendik and Steven Jay Schneider

A review by Rebecca Feasey

Transatlantic Crossings: British Feature Films in the USA by Sarah Street

British Cinema of the 1950s: A Celebration edited by Ian MacKillop and Neil Sinyard

A review by Peter Hutchings

Jacking in to the Matrix Franchise: Cultural Reception and Interpretation edited by Matthew Kapell and William G. Doty

Superman on the Couch: What Superheroes Really Tell Us About Ourselves and Our Society by Danny Fingeroth

A review by Elizabeth Rosen

The Inquisition in Hollywood: Politics in the Film Community, 1930 to 1960 by Larry Ceplair and Robert Englund

Blacklisted: The Film Lover's Guide to the Hollywood Blacklist by Paul Buhle and Dave Wagner

Joseph Losey (British Film Makers Series) by Colin Gardner

A review by Graham Barnfield

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Film Reviews

All film reviews

Batman Begins (dir. Christopher Nolan, 2005)

A review by Michael Duffy

3-Iron (dir. Kim Ki-Duk, 2004)

A review by Jia Jun

War of the Worlds (dir. Steven Spielberg, 2005)

A review by Ian London

Kinsey (dir. Bill Condon, 2004)

Secret History: Kinsey's Paedophiles (dir. Tim Tate, 1998)

A review by Jonathan A. Cullum

Madagascar (dir. Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath, 2005)

A review by Jo Eadie

Russkoe (It’s Russian) (dir. Aleksandr Veledinsky, 2004)

A review by Andrei Rogatchevski


Conference Reports

All conference reports

MeCCSA and AMPE Joint Annual Conference (2005) — A report by Serena Formica

Conference Report

EastEnders 20th Anniversary: Inventing the Modern Soap Conference — A report by Charles Jason Lee

The School of Sound Conference — A report by Roy Perkins

Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) Conference (2005) — A report by Rayna Denison and Liza Palmer

Pornography's Not About: On Pornography, Obscenity, & Spectacle — A report by Gregory Brophy

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