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Issue 5 — June 2006 

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Book Reviews

All book reviews

Teen TV: Genre, Consumption & Identity edited by Glyn Davies and Kay Dickinson

A review by Ewan Kirkland

Law and Popular Culture: A Course Book by Michael Asimow and Shannon Mader

The Celluloid Courtroom: A History of Legal Cinema by Ross D. Levi 

Law and Justice as Seen on TV by Elayne Rapping

A review by Shulamit Almog

Purity and Provocation: Dogma 95 edited by Mette Hjort and Scott MacKenzie

A review by Jason Scott

Devotional Cinema by Nathaniel Dorsky

A review by Anton Karl Kozlovic

Disintegrating the Musical: Black Performance and American Musical Film by Arthur Knight

Appropriating Blackness: Performance and the Politics of Authenticity by E. Patrick Johnson

A review by Ruth Doughty

Italian Cinema: Gender and Genre by Maggie Günsberg

A review by Clodagh Brook

The Films of Peter Weir, Second Edition by Jonathan Rayner

A review by Serena Formica

The Flash of Capital: Film and Geopolitics in Japan by Eric Cazdyn

The Midnight Eye Guide to New Japanese Film by Tom Mes and Jasper Sharp

The Yakuza Movie Book: A Guide to Japanese Gangster Films by Mark Schilling

A review by Kevin Teo Kia Choong

Dietrich’s Ghosts: the Sublime and the Beautiful in Third Reich Film by Erica Carter

A review by Michael Paris

The Real Ireland: The Evolution of Ireland in Documentary Film by Harvey O’Brien

A review by Robert Miller

Bollywood: A Guide to Popular Hindi Cinema by Tejaswini Ganti

Gladiator: Film and History edited by Martin M. Winkler 

American Jewish Filmmakers (Second Edition) by David Desser and Lester D. Friedman

A review by Mikel J. Koven

The Lost World of Mitchell & Kenyon: Edwardian Britain on Film edited by Vanessa Toulmin, Simon Popple and Patrick Russell

The Silent Cinema Reader edited by Lee Grieveson and Peter Krämer

A review by Larraine Porter

Early Cinema: From Factory Gate to Dream Factory by Simon Popple and Joe Kember

Love Rules: Silent Hollywood and the Rise of the Managerial Class by Mark Garrett Cooper

William Beaudine: From Silents to Television by Wendy Marshall

A review by Richard Harrison

The New Brazilian Cinema edited by Lúcia Nagib

A review by Sarah Barrow

European Cinema edited by Elizabeth Ezra

The Couch and the Silver Screen: Psychoanalytic Reflections on European Cinema edited by Andrea Sabbadini

A review by Stephen Woollock





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Film Reviews

All film reviews


Shopping for Fangs (dir. Quentin Lee and Justin Lin, 1997)

A review by Luca Prono

Kurtlar Vadisi - Irak (dir. Serdar Akar, 2005)

National Treasure (dir. John Turtletaub, 2004)

A review by Gabriel Noah Brahm Jr.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (dir. Danny Leiner, 2004)

A review by Shama Rangwala

Match Point (dir. Woody Allen, 2005)

A review by Wendy Knepper

King Kong (dir. Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack, 1933)

King Kong (dir. Peter Jackson, 2005) 

A review by Jonathan E. Goldman

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (dir.  Andrew Adamson, 2005)

A review by Alice Mills





Conference Reports

All conference reports





Media and Identity in Asia  — A report by Nandana Bose

National Postgraduate Conference: Creative Arts, Film and Media — A report by Julia Peck

Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) Conference (2006) — A report by Liza Palmer

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