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Issue 10 — February 2008

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Book Reviews

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Electric Dreams: Computers in American Culture by Ted Friedman

A review by Anne Petersen


Mute Dreams, Blind Owls, and Dispersed Knowledges: Persian Poesis in the Transnational Circuitry by Richard M.J. Fischer

A review by Farhang Erfani


Uncovering the Holocaust: The International Reception of Night and Fog edited by Ewout van der Knaap

A review by Chris Cagle


Color: The Film Reader edited by Angela Dalle Vacche and Brian Price

A review by Deborah Allison


Pretend We're Dead: Capitalist Monsters in American Pop Culture by Annalee Newitz

A review by Natasha Patterson


Film as Philosophy: Essays on Cinema After Wittgenstein and Cavell edited by Rupert Read and Jerry Goodenough

The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Special Issue: Thinking Through Cinema: Film as Philosophy edited by Murray Smith and Thomas E. Wartenberg

A review by Vincent Gaine


Cinephilia: Movies, Love and Memory edited by Marijke de Valck and Malte Hagener

Quintessential Tarantino by Edwin Page

A review by Ryan Shand


Billy Wilder, American Film Realist by Richard Armstrong

A review by Thorsten Carstensen


Carmen: From Silent Film to MTV edited by Chris Perriam and Ann Davies

A review by Tom Whittaker


The Hollywood Horror Film, 1931-1941: Madness in a Social Landscape by Reynold Humphries 

The Quest for the Wicker Man edited by Benjamin Franks, Stephen Harper, Jonathan Murray and Lesley Stevenson

A review by Edmund P. Cueva


Deleuze, Cinema and National Identity: Narrative in National Contexts by David Martin-Jones

A review by Terry Rowden


Filmosophy by Daniel Frampton

A review by Ils Huygens


Death 24x a Second: Stillness and the Moving Image by Laura Mulvey

A review by Daniel Herbert


Robert and Frances Flaherty: A Documentary Life, 1883-1922 by Robert J. Christopher

A review by Timothy Shorkey


Directed By Stephen Spielberg: Poetics of the Contemporary Blockbuster by Warren Buckland 

In Capra's Shadow: The Life and Career of Screenwriter Robert Riskin by Ian Scott

A review by Elaine Lennon


Multiculturalism and the Mouse: Race and Sex in Disney Entertainment by Douglas Brode

A review by D.K. Peterson


The Irish in Us: Irishness, Performativity, and Popular Culture edited by Diane Negra

Irish and African American Cinema: Identifying Others and Performing Identities, 1980-2000 by Maria Pramaggiore

A review by Sinéad Moynihan


Crossing New Europe: Postmodern Travel and The European Road Movie by Ewa Mazierska and Laura Rascaroli

A review by Fiona Handyside


Film Remakes by Constantine Verevis

A review by Vicente Rodríguez Ortega

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Film Reviews

All film reviews

The Namesake (dir. Mira Nair, 2006)

A review by Rashna Wadia Richards


El Topo (dir. Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1970)

A review by Jo Eadie


Sugar (dir. John Palmer, 2004)

A review by Richard Harrison


Water (dir. Deepa Mehta, 2005)

A review by Amitava Nag


Babel (dir. Alejandro Gonzales Iñárritu, 2006)

A review by Devorah Macdonald


Conference Reports

All conference reports

Fourth Annual MeCCSa Postgraduate Conference (2007) — a report by Philippa Daniel


Anglo-French Cinematic Relations Since 1930 Conference — a report by Jonathan Driskell


Reception Studies Society Bi-Annual Conference (2007) — a report by Brian Faucette


Identities and Encounters: British Association of American Studies (BAAS) Postgraduate Conference (2007) — a report by Henry Thompson

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