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Issue 11 — June 2008

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Book Reviews

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The Big Show: British Cinema Culture in the Great War 1914-1916 by Michael Hammond

A review by Brenda McDermott


John Mills: Masculinity and British Cinema by Gill Plain 

Hollywood Heroines: Women in Film Noir and the Female Gothic Film by Helen Hanson

A review by Elaine Lennon


Rethinking Disney: Private Control, Public Dimensions edited by Mike Budd and Max H. Kirsch

A review by Anthony Friedmann


New Documentary: A Critical Introduction, 2nd Edition by Stella Bruzzi

A review by Gerald R. Butters, Jr.


Hong Kong Film, Hollywood and the New Global Cinema: No Film is an Island edited by Gina Marchetti and Tan See Kam

A review by Konrad Ng


Britain Colonized: Hollywood's Appropriation of British Literature by Jennifer M. Jeffers

A review by Kevin M. Flanagan


From Box Office to Ballot Box: The American Political Film by M. Keith Booker

A review by Nicholas Witham


Mexican National Cinema by Andrea Noble

A review by Heather Macdougall


Alanis Obomsawin: The Vision of a Native Filmmaker by Randolph Lewis

A review by Rachel Walls


Alphaville by Chris Darke

A review by Helen Donlon


European Cinema: Face to Face with Hollywood by Thomas Elsaesser

A review by Nick Hodgin


Soft in the Middle: The Contemporary Softcore Feature in Its Contexts by David Andrews

A review by Jane Fader


The Films of Kenneth Branagh by Samuel Crowl

A review by Connie Luther


Shakespeare on Film by Judith Buchanan

A review by Alissa Burger


The Films of Woody Allen: Critical Essays edited by Charles L. P. Silet

A review by Jarrett Neal


The Television Handbook, Third Edition by Jonathan Bignell and Jeremy Orlebar 

Programming Our Lives: Television and American Identity by Walter Cummins and George Gordon

A review by Erin Giannini


F is for Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth's Undoing edited by Alexandra Juhasz and Jesse Larner

A review by Brett Mills


Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romero's Vision of Hell on Earth by Kim Paffenroth

A review by Edmund P. Cueva


The Cinema of the Balkans edited by Dina Iordanova

A review by Ljiljana Šarić


Masculine Jealousy and Contemporary Cinema by Candida Yates 

Director in Action: Johnnie To and the Hong Kong Action Film by Stephen Teo

A review by Michael Brian Faucette

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Film Reviews

All film reviews

Shoot the Messenger (dir. Ngozi Onwurah, 2006)

A review by Stephen Harper


Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire (dir. Peter Raymont, 2004)

A review by Debbie James Smith


Black Narcissus (dir. Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, 1947)

A review by Peter Coyne


Iran: A Cinematographic Revolution (dir. Nader Takmil Homayoun, 2006)

A review by Sarah Boslaugh


The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (dir. Andrew Dominick, 2007)

A review by Jo Eadie


Conference Reports

All conference reports

Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) Conference (2008) — a report by Drew Beard, Stephen Rust, Carter Soles, Jeong Chang, and Raphael Raphael


African Film Conference — a report by Audrey Evrard


Fusion Cultures: Memory, Migration, [Re]mediation, Mobility — a report by Colette Balmain


Italian Film Study Day — a report by Louis Bayman


Literature/Film Association Conference (2007) — a report by Frederick A. Holliday II

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