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Issue 12 — October 2008

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Book Reviews

All book reviews

Switching to Digital Television: UK Public Policy and the Market by Michael Starks

A review by David Hutchison


Feminist Auteurs: Reading Women's Films by Geetha Ramanathan

A review by Jane Fader


The Essential Chaplin: Perspectives on the Life and Art of the Great Comedian edited by Richard Schickel

A review by Nicholas Guest-Jelley


Film's Musical Moments edited by Ian Conrich and Estella Tincknell

A review by Lara Hrycaj


Deleuze and Horror Film by Anna Powell

A review by Edmund P. Cueva


Sex and the Cinema by Tanya Krzywinska

A review by Florian Grandena


Cinematic Savior: Hollywood's Making of the American Christ by Stephenson Humphries-Brooks

Religion and Film: An Introduction by Melanie J. Wright

A review by Louise Smith


La Dolce Morte: Vernacular Cinema and the Italian Giallo Film by Mikel J. Koven

A review by David Church


Sound Design and Science Fiction by William Whittington

A review by Douglas King


Pedro Almodóvar by Marvin D'Lugo

A review by Heather Macdougall


Ancient Greece in Film and Popular Culture by Gideon Nisbet

A review by Monica Bontty


Spectatorship: The Power of Looking On by Michele Aaron

A review by Sarah Arnold


Manly Arts: Masculinity and Nation in Early American Cinema by David A. Gerstner

A review by John Saddington


Multimedia Histories: From the Magic Lantern to the Internet edited by James Lyons and John Plunkett

Picture Perfect: Landscape, Place and Travel in British Cinema Before 1930 edited by Laraine Porter and Bryony Dixon  

A review by Tom Ruffles


The Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romero's Visions of Hell on Earth by Kim Paffenroth

A review by Steffen Hantke


Screens Fade to Black: Contemporary African American Cinema by David J. Leonard

Dark Designs and Visual Culture by Michele Wallace

A review by Michele Prettyman Beverly


The Urban Generation: Chinese Cinema and Society at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century edited by Zhang Zhen

A review by Peter C. Pugsley


Incongruous Entertainment: Camp, Cultural Value and The MGM Musical by Steven Cohan

A review by Nadine Wills


Cinephilia and History, or The Wind in the Trees by Christian Keathley

A review by Jason Sperb


The Man and His Wings: William A. Wellman and the Making of the First Best Picture by William Wellman Jr.

A review by Timothy Shorkey

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Film Reviews

All film reviews

The Spiderwick Chronicles (dir. Mark Waters, 2008)

A review by Alice Mills


Zulu (dir. Cy Endfield, 1964)

A review by Frank Carle


I'm Not There (dir. Todd Haynes, 2007)

A review by Lawrence Taylor


Son of Rambow (dir. Garth Jennings, 2008)

A review by A. T. McKenna


Atonement (dir. Joe Wright, 2007)

A review by Emily Crawford


Conference Reports

All conference reports

In the Shadow of Empire: The Post-Imperial Urban Imaginaries of London and Paris — a report by Christopher Meir


New Developments in Stardom — a report by Laura Sava


Child and Teen Consumption Conference (2008) — a report by Jacob Smith


Screen Studies Conference (2008): Sound and Music in Film, TV and Video — a report by Faye Woods


Cultural Borrowings: Appropriation, Reworking and Transformation — a report by Neelam Sidhar Wright and Stella Sims


New Directions in Turkish Film Studies Conference IX: Cinema and Reality — a report by Jenna Ng

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