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Issue 15 — October 2009 


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Table of Contents 

Foreword: Scope's Tenth Anniversary  Mark Gallagher and Julian Stringer

Introduction  Iain Robert Smith

PART I: Hollywood as Cinema and Artistic Imitation

Exploitation as Adaptation — I. Q. Hunter

The Character-Oriented Franchise: Promotion and Exploitation of Pre-Sold Characters in American Film, 1913-1950 — Jason Scott

Novelty Through Repetition: Exploring the Success of Artistic Imitation in the Contemporary Film Industry, 1982-2007 — Stijn Joye

Part II: Found Footage and Remix Culture

A Taxonomy of Digital Video Remixing: Contemporary Found Footage Practice on the Internet  Eli Horwatt

Ethical Possession: Borrowing From the Archives  Emma Cocker

Music Videos and Reused Footage  Sérgio Dias Branco

Part III: Modes of Parody and Pastiche

From Cult to Subculture: Re-Imaginings of Cult Films in Alternative Music Video  Brigid Cherry

Queering the Cult of Carrie: Appropriations of a Horror Icon in Charles Lum's Indelible  Darren Elliott 

Irony Inc.: Parodic-Doc Horror and The Blair Witch Project  Jordan Lavender-Smith

Part IV: Transnational Screen Cultures

A Marxist's Gotta Do What a Marxist's Gotta Do: Political Violence on the Italian Frontier  Austin Fisher 

"Tom Cruise? Tarantino? E.T.? ...Indian!": Innovation through Imitation in the Cross-Cultural Bollywood Remake  Neelam Sidhar Wright

"La Television des Professeurs?": Charles Dickens, French Public Service Television and Olivier Twist — Pamela Atzori



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