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University of Nottingham

Issue 17 — June 2010 


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Table of Contents

Introduction — Nandana Bose and Lee Grieveson

Part I: The Archive and the Nation

Amateur Film and the Interwar English Countryside  Michael McCluskey

Critical Reflections on Film as a Historical Source: A Case of the Military Regime in Brazil  Nina Schneider

Part II: The Ephemerality and Textuality of the Archives

Audiences from the Film Archive: Women’s Writing and Silent Cinema  Lisa Stead

Archival Realities and Contagious Spaces: Shop Girls, Censorship and the City in Damaged Goods  Heida Johannsdottir

Part III: The Televisual and Digital Archive

Reading Political Comedy: Yes, Minister and Discursive Contexts  Matt Crowder

The Representation by French Television of Building Construction Work in and Around Paris During the 1960s  Jacob Paskins

Archives and Prefigurative Practices: Digital Games Walkthough Archives as Record and Resource  Daniel Ashton



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