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Issue 21 — October 2011 

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Book Reviews

All book reviews

History by Hollywood by Robert Brent Toplin  
Cinema Wars: Hollywood Film and Politics in the Bush-Cheney Era by Douglas Kellner
A review by Brian Faucette

What Cinema Is! by Dudley Andrew  
The Personal Camera: Subjective Cinema and the Essay Film by Laura Rascaroli
A review by Daniele Rugo

All about Almodóvar: A Passion for Cinema edited by Brad Epps and Despina Kakoudaki
Stephen King on the Big Screen by Mark Browning
A review by Edmund P. Cueva

Crisis and Capitalism in Contemporary Argentine Cinema by Joanna Page  
Writing National Cinema: Film Journals and Film Culture in Peru by Jeffrey Middents
A review by Rowena Santos Aquino

Film Theory and Contemporary Hollywood Movies edited by Warren Buckland
Post-Classical Hollywood: Film Industry, Style and Ideology Since 1945 by Barry Langford
A review by Steen Christiansen

The British Cinema Book edited by Robert Murphy
A Short History of Film by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster and Wheeler Winston Dixon
A review by Paul Quinn

100 Film Noirs by Jim Hillier and Alastair Phillips  
Film Noir: Hard-Boiled Modernity and the Cultures of Globalization by Jennifer Fay and Justus Nieland
A review by Keith James Hamel

Fame by Mark Rowlands  
American Idolatry: Celebrity, Commodity and Reality Television by Christopher E. Bell
A review by Melanie Kennedy

Second Takes: Critical Approaches to the Film Sequel edited by Carolyn Jess-Cooke and Constantine Verevis
Film Sequels: Theory and Practice from Hollywood to Bollywood by Carolyn Jess-Cooke
A review by Stuart Henderson

Cinematic Emotion in Horror Films and Thrillers: The Aesthetic Paradox of Pleasurable Fear by Julian Hanich  
Tim Burton: The Monster and the Crowd: A Post-Jungian Perspective by Helena Bassil-Morozow
A review by Flavia Monceri

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Film Reviews

All film reviews

I AM: Afia, Megha, Abhimanyu and Omar (dir. Onir, 2011)

A review by Rohit K Dasgupta


Phineas and Ferb (Disney Channel, 2007—)

A review by Derek Jones


The Turin Horse (dir. Bela Tarr, 2011)

A review by Philip Phillis


The Monk (dir. Dominik Moll, 2010)

A review by Simon Dawes


That Girl in Yellow Boots (dir. Anurag Kashyap, 2010)

A review by Sukhmani Khorana

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Conference Reports

All conference reports

The Diasporic Family in Cinema — a report by Deniz Günes Yardimci

European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS) Conference (2011) — a report by Celia Nicholls and Richard Wallace

Screen Studies Conference (2011) — a report by Linda Hutcheson and Natália Pinazza

Images of Whiteness — a report by Clare Reed

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