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Issue 25 — February 2013 

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Book Reviews

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The Wiley Blackwell History of American Film, Vols. 1-4 edited by Cynthia Lucia, Roy Grundmann and Art Simon
A review by Paul Elliott

Affirmative Reaction: New Formations of White Masculinity by Hamilton Carroll
Angel by Stacey Abbott
A review by Ryan Taylor

The Persistence of Hollywood by Thomas Elsaesser
Digital Disruption: Cinema Moves On-Line edited by Dina Iordanova and Stuart Cunningham
Travels of Bollywood Cinema: From Bombay to LA edited by Anjali Gera Roy and Chua Beng Huat
A review by Akshaya Kumar

Memento by Claire Molloy
Crime and Fantasy in Scandinavia: Fiction, Film, and Social Change by Andrew Nestingen
Introduction to Japanese Horror Film by Colette Balmain
A review by Andrea Virginás

Terrence Malick and the Thought of Film by Steven Rybin
Orson Welles and the Unfinished RKO Projects: A Postmodern Perspective by Marguerite H. Rippy
A review by Nicholas Godfrey

Film and Ethics: Foreclosed Encounters by Lisa Downing and Libby Saxton
Michael Haneke’s Cinema: The Ethic of the Image by Catherine Wheatley
A review by Rowena Santos Aquino

The Problem Body: Projecting Disability on Film edited by Sally Chivers and Nicole Markotić
Reframing Bodies: AIDS, Bearing Witness, and the Queer Moving Image by Roger Hallas
A review by Flavia Moncer

British Film Culture in the 1970s: The Boundaries of Pleasure edited by Sue Harper and Justin Smith
The People’s Pictures: National Lottery Funding and British Cinema by James Caterer
A review by Katie Bowkett

Chantal Akerman by Marion Schmid
Women on the Edge: Twelve Political Film Practices by Sharon Lin Tay
A review by Tess McClernon

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Conference Reports

All Conference Reports

Media Across Borders: The First International Conference on the Localisation of Film, Television and Video Games — a report by Sylwia Szostak

Cinema of Intimacy and/or Intimacy of Cinema: The Seventeenth Internationals SERCIA Conference — a report by Amanda Konkle

Living British Cinema Presents the Film Finances Archive — a report by Aoife Sheehy

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