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This is the official webpage of the University of Nottingham Student Chapter of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).

Our mission is to promote research in applied maths and encourage communication and collaboration between mathematics, science, engineering and industry.

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Upcoming events

  • 18 June 2019, 5pm-ish, SIAM Members' Movie Night
    Location: Keighton Auditorium B60
    (Pizza & wine included)
  • 4 June 2019, 4pm, SIAM Recruitment Drive
    Location: Math Atrium / Keighton Auditorium B60
    (Pizza & wine included)
  • Finite Element Forum, Biweekly on Thursdays (2019: 31 Jan, 7 Feb,...) 
    Contact: Jonathan Marsh
  • 29 Nov 2018, 4pm, SIAM/Women-in-Maths Seminar
    Location: Physics C27
    Speaker: Dr Helen Moore, SIAM Fellow, AstraZeneca 
  • 5 Dec 2018, 1pm, Career's Seminar
    Location: ESLC B02
    Speaker: Simon Maurer, University of Nottingham
    Talk: Summer internship at Deutsche Bank  

    Inaugural event

    • 5 June 2018, 4pm, Inaugural Colloquium
      Location: Keighton Auditorium Colloquium
      Speaker: Prof Spencer Sherwin, Imperial College
      Spectral/hp element, scale resolving modelling for high Reynolds number motorsport flow simulations

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    To join:

    1. Send a brief email with your name, preferred email address and the course you are registered for to so we can keep you updated on any chapter activities.
    2. Follow the instructions on the SIAM website to join SIAM.

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    Latest News

    PASS Celebration event

    On Wednesday 5 December 2018, our 75 PASS Leaders have their end-of-term Celebration Event.


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