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Making a feedback action plan

One way of systematically reviewing the feedback you receive on coursework and other learning tasks is to collect and collate the comments your receive in a consistent way. Phil Race suggests that you can develop a pro-forma and keep notes on your feedback so that you are prompted to consider what it really means and see trends and developments over time. Here is an example pro-forma but you are encouraged to customise it to suit your own needs and style.

Feedback Action Plan
DatePiece of workMark or Grade
Most significant feedback comments Positives Critical
Your response - Do you agree / disagree    
Building on feedback in future work What can I do to build on these positives? What can I do to respond to the criticisms?
Your own evaluation - anything you would add?    
The one thing I want to keep doing in future    
The one thing I want to change or improve in the future    


Hear from students

Getting feedback

"When you've given in a piece of writing to a colleague, a peer or supervisor for feedback - what kind of feedback helps ..."

"Well, I think it's important for the feedback not to be too detailed ..."



Good feedback

"I think that when I first started my postgraduate research degree I needed a bit of confidence building. I was hoping that people would say that I could write OK ..."

Making a feedback action plan

Making a feedback action plan 


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