Studying Effectively

Reading and interpreting sources and data

To succeed in your studies you’ll be using a range of library services and spending your time reading and questioning various types of information resources such as books, journal articles and data sets. Finding them and using them effectively is the focus here.

"I find there’s so much that you could potentially be reading or looking into... pick up on the main points and make sure you understand them well... question what you are reading, as opposed to just passively taking it in and agreeing with whatever points are being made.” - Dasha Kurzunina, UG student



Library essentials


Getting familiar with what the University libraries offer

Types of information resource


Introducing the different types of information available

Finding resources


Finding the information you need as effectively as possible



Search skills


Finding precisely the resources that you need

Reading strategies


Reading more effectively with limited time

Evaluating Information


Understanding context, reliability and personal responses to information



Notetaking from reading


Interpreting sources in your own words

Using statistics and data


Interpreting statistics or graphically presented data


Online resources

Library access online



Studying Effectively

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