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Successful meetings

Planning a meeting checklist

Before the meeting

  • Organise and book the room
  • Circulate an agenda, with a reminder about date, venue and timing
  • Remind group members about the actions they were to undertake and are expected to report back on.

At the start of the meeting

  • Introduce the agenda and see if there is anything to add
  • Agree when and how breaks will be taken during any long meetings (over 1 hour - if a longer meeting of several hours, several breaks may need to be scheduled)
  • Check attendance and record this if necessary
  • Keep the group to the agenda and keep close attention to time-keeping
  • Maintain a positive and supportive atmosphere
  • Ensure everybody is able to contribute equally.

At the end of the meeting

  • Agree and record action points
  • Clarify who is doing what, by when.
  • Agree the date of next meeting
  • Agree who is going to take responsibility for organising the next meeting
  • Agree who is taking other key roles at the next meeting, e.g. Chair, secretary/note-keeper, time-keeper.
Meeting in the Trent cafe


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