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Referencing other sources

Reference styles do vary. The examples on this page may not match the preference of your School or Department - please check the guidelines from your School or Department to ensure you are following the preferred style.


Required information:

  • Conference editor or organisation
  • (Year of publication)
  • Title of the conference paper
  • Title of the conference
  • Place where the conference took place
  • Date the conference was held
  • Publisher


Partlow, R.B. and Moore, H.T. eds. (1980) D. H. Lawrence, the man who lived. D. H. Lawrence conference, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, April 1979. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press.

Further help with referencing conference proceedings


Required information:

  • Name of authorising organisation
  • (Year of publication)
  • Number and title of standard
  • Place of publication
  • Publisher


Briitsh Standards Institution. (2009) BS EN ISO 9001:2009 Quality management systems. Requirements. London: BSI

Further help with referencing standards


Required information:

  • Applicant
  • Title
  • Inventor(s)
  • Title
  • Patent application number
  • Publication date


Control Devices, Incorporated. Ball valve. Inventors: Joseph L. Krechel, Michael J. Purvis. US patent application US 05/621,956. 1975-10-14. 

Further help with referencing patents

Theses and dissertations

Required information:

  • Author
  • (Year)
  • Title
  • Designation
  • (Level, e.g. MSc, PhD.)
  • Institution


Beesley, D. (2011) Making sense of reasons: prospects for an interpretivist account of practical reasons. Thesis (PhD), University of Nottingham.

Further help with referencing theses

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