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In most courses there will be core modules that everyone studies, and there will also be an element of choice about what else you study. This may not be the case in the first year, especially if it's important to get a good understanding of a range of topics and approaches to the subject before you go on to specialise. By the time you get to the third or fourth year, however, you might be able to create a study pathway that suits your own interests and your longer term career aspirations.

Your Programme or Year Handbook will have information about the core modules and options that are available to you.  Many schools run advice sessions where you can find out more by talking to staff and to students who have already taken the modules you're thinking about. Check with your School to collect your Module Entry Form and to find out how to register your choices.

When choosing your modules, consider the following points:

  • do you have the pre-requisites to study the module, i.e. have you done any earlier modules that you should have?
  • are the Aims of the module interesting to you?
  • do the Learning Outcomes for the module describe what you would like to be able to do by the end of your studies?
  • do the methods of teaching and studying suit your preferences and abilities?
  • are the assessment methods something that you can be good at?
  • are there any modules in future years that you already know you want to take? If so, what are the pre-requisites for those that you will have to have studied?
  • will your choices give you the breadth of coverage or the depth of specialism that you'd like to achieve?
  • if you already have a career direction in mind, will your choices prepare you well with relevant skills and knowledge?
  • will your combination of module choices fit well together in terms of topics, study methods and assessment loads?

It is possible to change modules for a limited period after the semester has started, but it's not ideal as you will have missed some important information at the start.

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