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Setting personal goals

The University is keen to help students to get as much as they can from their time at Nottingham. The challenge is to find effective ways to  integrate your learning across your studies and also with your extra-curricula activities.

Setting Personal Development Goals

You can set yourself development goals in any aspect of your course or in your extra curricula activities.

By setting, achieving and reflecting on personal development goals, you will be able to make the most of your time at the University of Nottingham and realise your full potential.

You should improve not only your employability, but also your well being and your sense of being part of a learning community here at the university.

It is entirely up to you what goal or goals you set every semester. However, possible personal development goals may include:

  • Learning from work placement or employment experiences
  • Undertaking a volunteering activity
  • Undertaking a sporting activity
  • Helping to run a student society
  • Becoming a member of a Hall of Residence committee or team
  • Learning about another society or culture
  • Improving your writing/research skills
  • Improving your time management skills
  • Increasing your levels of tutorial contribution
  • Identifying and applying for study abroad/campus mobility options
  • Developing ideas for a dissertation topic

This activity may be integrated with your School's tutoring arrangements, but even if this is not the case, you will still find it useful to set yourself goals each semester to assist in your overall personal development whilst at the University.

Discussing personal development goals


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