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Developing as a writer

The writing journey: changes and progressions

Writing is something that you can develop through practice: be prepared to think about how you approach it and when to try new ideas.

Remember that 'different things work for different people' and strategies that may have worked in the past may need refining for different circumstances (a new course at a new level of study).

You should also consider how your writing needs to meet the requirements of your 'audience' (readership) and your assessment marking criteria.

As writing is a form of communication, it has similarities and differences from other kinds of communication, such as everyday talking and making presentations.

It is helpful to think about how they are similar and different - you may be able to use other ways of communicating (e.g. talking about your ideas, or reading your written work out loud) to help your writing.

  • Your writing is very much an individual 'journey'. People will join at different points on their writing journey. The route may vary depending on your background, academic subject areas and level of study. It is important to see your new programme as an opportunity to make progress for yourself, to find your own route, rather than to compare yourself with other people.
  • You are not alone on this journey. Be prepared to find people who are at similar stages and people who have been through the stage that you are at. You can learn from working with others and sharing your writing experiences.
  • You are not alone because there are many sources of help to draw on.
Developing as a writer


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