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Catrin Rutland

Associate Professor of Anatomy and Developmental Genetics, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


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Teaching Summary

Post graduate Sub-Dean for Research

Module convenor for Research Projects. I also teach anatomy/histology/cardiorespiratory/research in a number of Veterinary Medicine and Science modules. I previously convened Cardiorespiratory 1.

Module convenor for three Nottingham Advantage Award modules.

Committee member and Representative of the European Association of Veterinary Anatomists.

Member of the International Committee on Veterinary Gross Anatomical Nomenclature (I.C.V.G.A.N.) working on Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria.

Wikivet trustee and OVAM collaborator.

Member of the Nottingham Recognition Scheme committee, mentoring and assessing Higher Education Academy recognition applications.

External examiner for UK Veterinary Schools.

Winner of The Lord Dearing Award, Vice-Chancellors Award and several University Oscars Awards.

Research Summary

My research areas are integrated the School of Veterinary Medicine and Research themes and concentrates on cardiovascular disorders (heart disease and angiogenesis) and anatomy.

Developmental Cardiovascular Medicine: My investigations centre around the developing cardiovascular system and include researching cardiac disorders and angiogenesis, particularly cardiomyopathies, os cordis, and the roles of angiogenesis related growth factors such as VEGF. One area of interest uses knock down models and information from humans to discover possible disease causing genes. In addition to investigating humans and models, my group concentrate on looking into companion animals that are suffering from cardiovascular disorders and trying to elucidate the genes that are affected/causative. This work develops diagnostic and prognostic tests, treatments and working towards cures for cardiovascular and angiogenesis related disorders. We use a number of techniques to investigate disorders including molecular, cellular, histological, imaging, protein, micro CT, MRI and more recently epigenetics. Examples of anatomy/angiogenesis related disorders investigated in my group are lameness/footroot in horses, cattle and sheep, oncology in people and companion animals, ocular disorders, placental and developmental biology.

My research investigates both naturally-acquired and induced diseases in many species throughout development, into adulthood and in old age. The overall aim of the work is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms behind both normal and diseased states.

Overall Aims of the Research: The work that we are undertaking will help us to better understand disorders including cardiomyopathies, musculoskeletal disorders, oncology and blindness, so that more effective diagnosis techniques, treatments and advice for patients/owners can be developed. An integrated approach to disease and development is undertaken and therefore collaborators include scientists and clinicians and a number of veterinary surgeons.

Education Research:

Student achievement and support:

I investigate the effects of educational and socioeconomic background, gender and nationality upon the student experience and grade achievements, using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. I have also researched student support requirements in relation to tutorial systems and presented keynote lectures on remote teaching and technology.

Anatomy education:

My veterinary education research revolves around developing the SVMS online veterinary museum to enable more effective learning and also includes developing teaching and museum materials. I also collaborated on the international online anatomy museum grant (OVAM) and continue to support and develop the initiative and I am a WikiVet Trustee.

Present funding: BBSRC. MRC. BHF. Academy of Medical Sciences+Wellcome Trust. AHDB. Anatomical Society. Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence. Nottingham Strategic Award. Industrial awards. International Collaboration Fund. GCRF.

Past funding includes: BBSRC, BHF, JISC, EBLEX, EAVA, Higher Education Academy, Royal Society, Petplan, Waltham Foods, Anatomical Society, British Society for Developmental Biology, Talent Builder internships, Cascade Impact, Weston Scholarship, CEVA.

Selected Publications

Present Laboratory Members:

Aziza Alibhai - Senior researcher

Corinne Woodcock - PhD BBSRC (Profs Mongan, Fray and Rakha)

Dr Jennifer Lothion-Roy - PhD BBSRC (Profs Mongan and Fray)

Jemma Franklin - PhD BBSRC (Associate Profs Totemeyer, Wapenaar, Nova, Jones, Rees)

Anna Harris - PhD BBSRC (Profs Mongan and Fray)

Dr Suzan Ghannam - PhD (Profs Rakha, Mongan, Allegrucci)

Maria Haque - PhD BBSRC (Profs Mongan, Jeyapalan, Rakha)

Adam Best - MRes

Elizabeth Stoddard, Kyra Wakeman, Sarah Smith - MPhysio

Harrison Dowling, Inmeet Grover, Mohammed Saeed, Emily Stephens, - MSci

Setpt:Shirley Mai, Rebecca Richardson, Thalia Smale, April: Jessica Dobbe, Ellise Eldridge, Sarah Monkman - BSc project research

Sophie Galloway - Research technician

James Cockcroft - 2021/2022 Inspire studentship (Academy of Medical Science/Wellcome)

Adam Best, Kara-Zoe Kordtomeikel,Serena Wong, Jennifer Hall, James Cockcroft, Sophia Swaine, Samantha Bennison, Emily Barker, Georgina Kivneen, Heather Hemingway-Arnold, Anais Dosanj, Chiara Parravicini - INSPIRE Summer and Winter 2020/2021 studentships (Academy of Medical Science/Wellcome)

Past/graduated members:


Dr Siobhan Simpson - BBSRC

Dr Jennifer Edwards - BBSRC

Dr Matthew Parnall - BHF

Dr Ramzi Al-Agele

Dr Michael Agbaje

Dr Maria (Lola) Ruiz Diaz - Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for Research Excellence

Dr Veronika Metzler - BBSRC

Dr Emma Lund - BBSRC

Dr Daisy Haigh - BBSRC

Dr James Wilson - AHDB


Maria Stuart, Jemma Sayers, Emilia Biondi, Elysia Pughe, Anne Skivington, Heather Lambert, Kabilas Parameswaran, Heather Dunn, Francesca Hepworth, Sophie Taylor, Emily Paul (Weston Award Scholarship), Verdana Rani, Kavish Amin, Joseph Wightman, Richard Ryder.


Ewelina Prozorowska, Poznań University and Kristýna Glocová, Brno University - International teaching and research internships. Lucy Slater - research writing internship. Dr Paula Wong nee Baskeyfield, Luana Garcia dos Santos, Holly Graham - Clinical and Science without Borders internships), Gar Wai Kerry Chung - Graduate Intern and research technician, Paul (Pablo) Barrett - Graduate Intern, Mariam Saigar - Researcher and scientific writer, Claire Bordoli - Cascade E-Museum curator and research technician, Kirsty Hillier - Cascade E-Museum curator, Adeel Khan - JISC museum E-curator

Summer studentships

Zoe Skinner, Natasha Clarke - 2019 INSPIRE (Academy of Medical Sciences/Wellcome) research studentship and Clinical EMS.

Emma Cousins, Clara Bailey - 2018 Clinical EMS

Madeline Mestas, Georgia Miller, Keshia Merry - 2017 INSPIRE (Academy of Medical Sciences/Wellcome) studentships

Dulcie Smith, Katie White - 2016 Clinical EMS

Matthew Keane - 2015 BBSRC studentship

Zoe Hood, Zoe Stokes - 2014 BBSRC studentship, 2015 research interns

Jenny Price, Agata Witkowska - 2013 BBSRC studentship and 2014/15 clinical research intern

Chloe Hughes - 2012 BBSRC studentship, JISC OVAM museum curator and clinical placement student.

Ammar Alibhai - 2011 BBSRC studentship, Cascade funded educational web page designer

Emilia Harding - 2010 BBSRC studentship, anatomy research/web design

Research Projects - Mark Plested, Sarah Geldart, Robin Cheung, Chloe Hughes, Agata WItkowska, Meghan Moore, Stephanie Barnett, Carolize Compton, Lauren Porteous, Thomas Mignan, Madeleine Nyberg, Hannah Partridge, Holly Graham, Janika Patel, Henry Johnson, Megan Godden, Nuria Holzleg, Elise Moritz, Matthew Keane, Rachel Woolley, Kyle Eadie, Imogen Purvis, Katie White, Dulcie Smith, Keshia Merry, Georgia Miller, Charlotte Jackman, Clara Bailey, Emma Cousins, Emily Boardman (Uni of Swansea), Adam Best, Kirsty Ranson, Alasdair Ross, Samantha Bennison, James Cockcroft, Sophia Swaine.

Melissa Bexon, Rhys Owen, Riaz Rhemu, Lottie Back - Assisted supervision of research projects

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