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Nigel Kendall

Lecturer in Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


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A farmers son who after a degree in Animal Science and a PhD in Ruminant Mineral Nutrition (both at University of Leeds), ended up lecturing Nutrition at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science. I also run the NUVetNA specialist mineral laboratory service and am currently Sub-Dean for Admissions.

Expertise Summary

Expertise in trace element nutrition, especially of ruminants.

Particular interest in the copper, molybdenum, iron and sulphur complex interaction.

I have set up and run the NUVetNA laboratory within the Vet School which runs a trace element and metabolite analytical service for Veterinary Surgeons around the country.

Research Summary

I run the NUVetNA diagnostic laboratory service and research issues related to trace element status, and deficiency/toxicity diagnosis and the role of metabolites in fertility management.

My major area of expertise is in trace elements, with especial reference to the copper, molybdenum, sulphur and iron interactions which occur in ruminants. As well as diagnosis and effects on fertility I am also interested in methods of supplementation and the investigation of the availability of different copper sources within the rumen in relation to the complex copper, sulphur molybdenum and iron interaction. Recent work has included evaluations of oral drenches as supplementation method for cobalt and selenium which has involved collaborations with industry and with Teagasc in Ireland.

I am currently moving into the use of trees for nutrition, especially as mineral biosupplemnts working with industry and charities including the Woodland Trust.

I also have an interest in experimental design and the application of statistics to experimental biological and medical data.

Selected Publications

Past Research

In addition to the work still be carried out within the current research profile I have a varied research background.

I have worked on:

  • the prevention of radiocaesium uptake into sheep
  • the effects of conjugated linoleic acid on bovine fertility and endometrial prostaglandin production
  • the effects of feeding lupins on the fertility of sheep
  • the effect of BVD (bovine viral diarrhea) on fertility
  • the effect of leptin on ovarian function
  • the use of liquid potato waste a feedstuff for dairy cows
  • the effect of zinc and selenium supplementation on ram semen quality
  • the role of viagra in female ovarian function
  • 3D ultrasound scanning in humans
  • the role of progesterone supplementation in the maintenance of pregnancy in dairy cattle and much more besides...!

Future Research

I am interested in any research on trace elements in animals, not just ruminants. I am always looking to the use of diagnostic clinical chemistry, especially in relation to the assessment of nutritional status. I am increasingly involved in zoo animal nutrition and the management of feeding.

Experimental design and statistical analysis are areas in which I enjoy working and am often open to collaboration.

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