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Jessica Corner

COP26: an extraordinary range of people gathered in a single place to shape our future

Professor Dame Jessica Corner on what's next and the ongoing role of research in tackling the climate crisis

Bahar Tunçgenç

‘We’re all in this together’: Why our friends and family were the most powerful driver in our pandemic behaviour

Meet Bahar Tunçgenç the analytical thinker who reveals that the rules of lockdown were less important than you might think

Ru Jia

Hair samples capture Covid’s stressful toll

Meet Ru Jia the analytical thinker who helped reveal the physical impact of stress during the pandemic

A year on: Economic and health crises converge in Cambodia’s garment industry

Building back better social and health protection in the global garment industry after Covid-19

Forced marriage and lockdown in the UK

Exploring the impact of Covid-19 on those vulnerable to, or already experiencing forced marriage