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Steve Morgan

Transforming outcomes for young burns victims

Meet Steve Morgan the driven innovator using technology to assess injuries in seconds

Barbara Morera Maiquez researcher at the University of Nottingham

Setting Tourette’s sufferers free

By sending tiny electric pulses to the wrist, a watch-like device is giving new hope to children and people around the world who live with the agony of unwanted and uncontrollable tics

Emily ODonnell a Nottingham researcher stood in a green space

My Blue-Green vision

Dr Emily O’Donnell explains how better protecting cities like Newcastle and Nottingham from flooding can also make them greener, healthier and more pleasant places to live

A year on: Economic and health crises converge in Cambodia’s garment industry

Building back better social and health protection in the global garment industry after Covid-19

Forced marriage and lockdown in the UK

Exploring the impact of Covid-19 on those vulnerable to, or already experiencing forced marriage