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Assessing the effects of a changing climate on women and girls

Women are often at the forefront of climate change impacts says Dr Bethany Jackson.

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Blue-greening cities for climate change adaptation

Dr Emily O’Donnell explains how better protecting cities like Newcastle and Nottingham from flooding can also make them greener, healthier and more pleasant places to live.

Wide-angle photo of the Ingenuity Centre, Jubilee Campus

The climate crisis is deepening but here’s how we can still make a real difference

As a university, we’re committed to reducing our carbon emissions and showing leadership, says Andy Nolan.

Securing net zero aviation

Meeting this complex challenge demands world-changing innovation, determination and leadership, says Professor Chris Gerada

Good for cows, good for the planet: reducing dairy's carbon footprint

Establishing the value of alternative, sustainable sources of protein in animal feed is helping the UK dairy industry reduce its carbon footprint.

A journey to advancing carbon capture technology

Now is the time to fast track new technologies for low energy CO2 capture, says Professor Ed Lester.