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GSK Building. Jubilee Campus Nottingham

COP26: bats, buildings and our climate pledge

By transforming how we learn and work together, our whole community will help achieve the university’s carbon goals, says Andy Nolan

Clouds from an aeroplane window

COP26: innovating electric aircraft for greener global transport

Dr Sharmila Sumsurooah is helping net zero aviation take flight by bringing together international research to transform the industry.

Chris Gerada standing outside on campus

COP26: securing net zero aviation

Meeting this complex challenge demands world-changing innovation, determination and leadership, says Professor Chris Gerada

A year on: Economic and health crises converge in Cambodia’s garment industry

Building back better social and health protection in the global garment industry after Covid-19

Forced marriage and lockdown in the UK

Exploring the impact of Covid-19 on those vulnerable to, or already experiencing forced marriage