Electro-mechanical Engineer Degree Apprenticeship


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A new, cost-effective way to develop mechanical and electrical engineering expertise within your workforce.

Developed in consultation with industry partners, our Electro-mechanical Engineer Degree Apprenticeship awards a BEng (Hons) Electro Mechanical Engineering and produces experienced, work-ready graduates able to make significant contributions to your organisation.


Combining the best of research-led education with the world of work, our Electro-mechanical Engineering Degree Apprenticeship offers an alternative route to developing degree-level engineering skills, knowledge and behaviours in your workforce.

Develop specialist skills

Designed to tackle identified industry skills gaps, apprentices will develop both technical skills in design, testing and analysis and the soft skills that will enable them to be an effective member of an engineering team. Project work is a key feature of the programme with several individual and team project modules throughout. Modules include: 


For a full list of modules and details of programme content please order an information pack. 

Real-time benefits

With an emphasis on working on engineering challenges in their workplace, apprentices develop the skills and knowledge to apply their learning in the context of their work, delivering real-time benefits to their employers.

Future-proof your workforce 

Invest in the technical skills of the employees who will be driving the innovation abilities of your organisation in years to come. Offer new and existing employees the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge and complete a BEng (Hons) Electro-mechanical Engineering at a world-class university, without the debt. 


The cost of the apprenticeship programme can be paid from the Apprenticeship Levy. Non-levy payers may be eligible for 95% government co-investment. There is no cost to the apprentice.

Excellent support and teaching 

The University of Nottingham is rated excellent on the Institute for Apprenticeships website and the Departments of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (2), and Mechanical Engineering (14) are also ranked in the top 15 of the Guardian University Guide 2021.

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