Leadership: A values-based approach - webinar

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Join us for this webinar exploring the role of values in leadership

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How much do values matter for your organisation?

What values do you profess and how well do you think they are demonstrated throughout your organisation?

How can your organisation articulate and enhance its commitment to values?

Drawing on his research with Glowinkowski International Ltd. funded by Innovate UK, Professor Landman presents on the importance of values in large organisations. This work helped craft a model and measurement tool on values and how they are part of the overall configuration of organisational structures, behaviours, and processes, which relate to the climate of an organisation and ultimately its performance.

The values measurement tool (Global Values Indicator or GVI) is derived from virtue ethics, political philosophy, and values statements from FTSE 100 companies. The model measures the importance that individuals place on this set of values and the degree to which they experience how these values are demonstrated in the workplace.

The webinar session includes a formal presentation of the model, examples from data collected on large organisations, and interactive elements to stimulate deep thinking about why values matter for leadership in the 21st Century.

About our speaker

Professor Todd Landman

Professor Landman is a political scientist in the School of Politics and International Relations, Executive Director of the Rights Lab Research Beacon of Excellence, and Pro Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Nottingham.

He researches, teaches, and carries out a wide range of international consultancies on development, democracy, and human rights. His work has values and human dignity at its heart and he is currently researching and publishing on the problem of modern slavery. He has travelled to over 45 countries and engaged with private and public organisations on a wide range of issues, including effective leadership, strategic thinking, and change management.

He has given lectures and speeches for NBC Universal, Berenberg Bank, Electricity Northwest, The Royal Society of Arts, Judge Business School, the European Parliament, and the United Nations, and has recently engaged in two public webinars on leadership challenges in higher education during the COVID pandemic for PwC. He appears regularly on CNN, the BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 4, Channel 4 News, Al Jazeera, and TRT World as a commentator on global political developments. He hosts his own podcast The Rights Track (external link) on the human rights challenges facing us today.


Who is the webinar for?

Suitable for those working in senior leadership roles, managing people and processes through the current pandemic and beyond. It will also provide useful insight for HR, L&D and talent management professionals with responsibility for developing management capabilities within their organisation. The content will be focusing on large organisations but will be applicable to all sectors and businesses of all sizes are welcome to attend.


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