Smart Industrial Systems Towards smart production of smart products

In our new industrial age, smart factories will deliver highly personalised goods and services.

This demands a profoundly new approach to how we create, manufacture and use products.

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Our digital technology research will enhance the way we live, work, play and travel

Our innovations will redefine our relationships with technologies and each other.

We will establish a programme of fundamental and powerful discovery to respond with speed and agility to the unprecedented pace of change in our world.

By bringing together expertise from informatics, creative design and industrial technologies, as well as the social sciences, our discoveries will enrich personal experiences, build better-connected societies and provide exciting opportunities for business in our skills-rich economy.

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Delivering ambitious change

Our scope is far-reaching: from designing smart products to answering the ethical questions surrounding interactivity and use of data.

We will deliver smart, interactive products using new approaches to design, and use design to deliver unique user experiences. Digital technologies can transform our relationships with conventional products, enhancing value by carrying information about their owners. Our researchers have created the Carolan guitar, an acoustic instrument digitally connected to its history — where it was made, who has played it and where it has been. Or imagine a car and its owners sharing, passing on and adapting to its data. Such innovations will encourage us to ‘adopt’ products and extend their lifespan.

Data, humans and systems will seamlessly interact in these ways. Instead of programmed, passive machines manufacturing will become truly dynamic.

We envisage a connected industrial infrastructure, making the UK a world-leader in this new industrial and consumer landscape by delivering whole-lifecycle models for the digital marketplace.

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At the forefront of the next digital revolution

We are committed to fundamental discovery and its application in key UK sectors including aerospace, automotive, consumer and the creative industries.

We will position Nottingham as a world-leading research and innovation centre for digitally-enabled industrial systems and enhance the UK's productivity and global competitiveness.

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