Waterjet Technology Centre



Most of the research projects involving this facility have exciting applications in aerospace manufacturing industry. Waterjet machining offers a number of new exciting opportunities:

  • 5 axes machining of difficult-to-cut materials.
    • High temperature and strength Nickel alloys
    • Low work piece loads, brittle materials
    • Thick plates and bar cutting
  • High accuracy machining:
    • Improvements in rigidity and control of jet
  • Improved upon coating removal processes , chemi-milling & EDM:
    • Elimination of chemicals
    • Improved revert of waste
  • Presenta an improvement in cutting material properties:
    • Absence HAZ and recast layer

The current use of this facility is for research in:

  • High accuracy and speed of cutting of titanium fan blade (12mm diffusion bonded prior to SPF).
  • Production and repair of combustors (applied to drilling and coating).
  • Removal of coatings and repair of components(in-service component strip and recoat).
  • Demonstrating high tolerance features.

Waterjet Technology Centre

Faculty of Engineering
University Park Campus
Nottingham, NG2 7RD

email: UTC@nottingham.ac.uk